United States of America · 6 Days · 58 Moments · August 2017


1 September 2017

On AA 1819 pushing back to go home. Syndey rated trip 9.5, her highest rating ever. Max wants to 1) live at Four Seasons and 2) come to Orlando every other year
Checking out.
Lazy river
Breakfast at Ravello for all
Nail polish for Eleanor and Sydney

31 August 2017

Dessert at Lickety Split for all
Dinner at Capa for all
Leaving park via Hard Rock Hotel. Long walk
Max and Warren break off to do a coaster while Sydney heads for shopping
Entering Hogsmead
Lunch at Mythos
Train to Hogsmead from Platform 9 3/4
Arrive at Universal for 9am open
Breakfast at Lickety Split for all

30 August 2017

Lickety Split for gelato
Dinner for all with Gail and Tommy at Ravello
Warren and Sydney leave Epcot via Uber
Sydney and Warren do Test Track three times in a row via Single Rider line
Just a Sydney and Warren left
Teppen Edo. Lunch in Japan. 1pm reservation
Mission Space. Team 2
Front of line. Getting ready to run to Test Track.
Waiting to get in to run to Test Track
Breakfast at Ravello for all

29 August 2017

Dinner for all at Ravello
Uber out of Blizzard Beach
Waiting out rain delay. Had been nicest day so far.
At Blizzard Beach
Goofy and Friends Breakfast at Ravello
Goofy and Friends breakfast at Ravello

28 August 2017

Dinner at Ravello for all
Getting ready for dinner
Lazy River, slide, and basketball until 5:30
Lickety Split
On way out
Space Mountain
Liberty Tavern
Jungle cruise
Thunder Mountain
Mine Train – round two
Bathroom break in Fantasy Land
Waiting for first ride of day (Mine Train") after getting in early for "breakfast"
Entering Magic Kingdom
Breakfast at Ravello for all

27 August 2017

Warren, Stan, Eleanor dinner Ravello
Trip to Best Buy to get Hero 5 Black
Max gets to top of rock wall
Sydney maxing out in rock climbing
Max and Patchu playing cards poker
Birthday cake for Tama
GramE and Patchu arrive
Four Seasons, 1401 "holding room" until main room ready
Checking in at Four Seasons with scavenger hunt books
Driving in
Uber to Four Seasons
AA1890 to Orlando. Row 16