92 Days · 12 Moments · April 2018


21 July 2018

17 July 2018

We had a camp fire in Oman by the beach, we also are having a dinner party on a Dhow boat, I am super excited!!
I am staying near the al magaz corniche which is a kind of small lake we had dinner last night in a outdoor cafe. It was a really pretty place, there were trees everywhere and the light came from a string of copper bulbs.

10 July 2018

We went to al Mamzar beach and had a blast

9 July 2018

Traveling is easy once you take the right pictures
I found these online because today I spent the day at home looking through the web for awesome tumblr pictures

6 July 2018

My friends and I went to Mirdif City Center and had an awesome time bowling! We also had lunch in Chili’s!

5 July 2018

This is pictures from the time me and my friends graduated and had a hang out day at the mall later, as you can see the boys had lollipops. The girls are my best friends and basically sisters.
That’s my best friend Minnie and I She is actually not my best friend, she is my sista

29 June 2018

PROM 2018 was the best! The food, the decorations, the photo booth and most importantly the dancing. If you know me then you would know I like be dancing and I am a dancer, not really though..... I had an amazing night with the following people: Grace Baker Minnie Bracken Myra Johnson William Goodall Ewan Fryer Megan Fryer Anna Vandasi Amelia Gemlik Isabelle Roger Archie Bright Bo Galloway Mariam Chabeb Olivia Loft Kuzey Karci

13 June 2018

Me and my younger sistas when we were so young

25 May 2018

Got my hair done into and Afro

21 April 2018

Just came back from a pool party with my best friends. This is Anna and she is awesome!