United Kingdom · 146 Days · 13 Moments · October 2016

United Kingdom Working Holiday

9 March 2017

Edinburgh Day 2 Visit Calton Hill and see the beautiful view A great city to relax but I have to work tomorrow la~ So tired in the return train Miss holiday so much~

8 March 2017

Miko's 25th birthday celebration!!! Heading to Edinburgh!!! Day 1 - almost can't go because of our late :( Anyway, arrive safely :) Visit the castle, church and Elephant Cafe Live in a great hotel too :)

22 February 2017

Wanna visit Alnwick Castle but it is closed in Winter :( Visit Alnwick Garden instead but no flowers xd Come next time lol -- with Peter and Miko

9 February 2017

Snow during working !!! So excited but it is different from my imagination :p -- with Ellie

18 January 2017

Finally, find a job and move to new house Work in Bubble Cha Live with a lovely couple--Yan and Peter A new page starts~

31 December 2016

Bye 2016~Welcome 2017~ Joining Newcastle-Gateshead Winter Festival So cold but so high:)))

29 December 2016

Follow Harry Potter to Durham:)

4 December 2016

Heading to Tynemouth...alone...again :( Miss home, friends and family so much :( Homesickness:(

23 November 2016

Heading to North Marine Park...alone

14 November 2016

One month passed~ But still can't get a job T.T

28 October 2016

My 24th birthday in Newcastle!!!

16 October 2016

South Marine Park

14 October 2016

Our first home@South Shields