Australia, Switzerland · 9 Days · 28 Moments · June 2017

Wade & Kate's adventure in Switzerland

9 July 2017

We stumbled into the biggest Latin music festival Caliente! Which was a quick walk down the road. It was HUGE! Most of the footage is on the GoPro but I assure you it was massive. We had a blast and enjoyed a cheeky dance by one of the stages.

8 July 2017

Made it to Zurich after messing up the trains at the first stop. Fairly certain we bought tickets to Zurich via a completely different train schedule. Lucky we didn't get ticket checked. When we got in we scored a ripper free room upgrade because our room wasn't ready. Happy with that. Price was worth more per night then we paid for our entire stay.

7 July 2017

World chocolate day 07/07/2017, just so happened we were visiting the Cailer chocolate factory where they actually had an all you can eat taster area. As you can imagine I had to drag Kate away kicking and screaming. I used wine as the carrot to get her away.
Part 2/2: Our little hike ended up being over 6 hours and 27kms by the time we got home. I missed a few bits on my tracker but Kate got it all. We also found some ruins and I got a rock for my collection. Think we earned our chocolate factory tour.
Part 1/2: Time for a hike to the gorge at De la Jogne took us about 2 hours to get there. But it was awesome we kept expecting Robin Hood to jump out in his shitty tight pants around every corner haha.

6 July 2017

After all the cheese at the factory we decided to go the old cheese and wine dinner. Partly because why the hell not and also because the place we went for lunch charged us $10 for a bottle of water. I think everyone who walked past was instantly jealous of our decision.
Cheese factory time! Oh yeah in Gruyere for Gruyere cheese haha.
Seeing our local castle, it was really useful for helping us know where we are since we had no internet. And climbing on / in things we shouldn't.
We decided on arrival to check out a cheeky cafe. Found this lemon sorbet with vodka, was a perfect refreshment after lugging the backpacks up the hill. We then checked out a really weird "museum" dedicated to the alien artist from the alien movies. Soooo weird.
So we are off again to Gruyere to eat the cheese of the same name. After we worked out the train we hiked up the hill to the foot of the local castle where we checked in to our hotel. Check out the cool cow bell door key they gave us!
The jazz festival was huge, with stalls setup all along the foreshore and multiple stages with live music. We had tickets to Usher and The Roots at 8pm so we got there around 6pm had a look and a drink then went in for the main event. The wine glasses were tiny and you should have seen the look on Kate's face, priceless! The actual concert was pretty average, no one was dancing as the music was not really following on from the warm up act. Usher did bust some serious dance moves and putting Kate on my shoulders made for some good footage. We left about halfway through the act as it just wasn't getting any better. We hit up a bar and got some tips for nightclubs but unfortunately they were all really packed with lines longer then half price Tuesday at domino's. So we flagged a taxi and went home and the driver tried to take us on a unwarranted scenic tour but little did he know we had downloaded the map and just begun to tell him left and rights till we got home. $100 later.
Some other little photos from the jazz festival.

5 July 2017

Kate doing her best modeling positions as she puts on her make up haha.
Chexbres has to be the best mistake we made, after an off the cuff booking simply because we couldn't get a hotel in montreux we booked this place because it was close to wineries and a place called De ouchey which is funny as fuck. We ended up with the most amazing hotel with a restaurant on its Grand opening night. It was a breathe taking experience which nether of us was expecting. The photos do not do it justice. I have a feeling in the years to come this will get prestigious.
In the honour of the higgs bison discovery Kate and I shared a bottle of Brut of the same type at our hotel, I'm sure it wasn't the same celebration as the CERN team but it was delicious none the less!
Some cheeky photos from the day
The flowers here are incredible, the detail of flowers in the oddest places
Jazz festival time! Most of the footage is on the GoPro but here are a few happy snaps we took. See if you can work out when the wine took hold haha. The festival was huge and we had an absolute blast. Usher was average as we didn't recognise any of the music he was singing. However, Kate jumped on my shoulders and got the best view in the place with no one around her.

3 July 2017

Enjoying the great food, wine and sunlight until 10pm!
More photos of CERN showing the equations of the standard model and some of the science buildings.
Deserving of its own post. That is the bottle of brut opened and consumed on the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle in 2012. One of the most important discoveries describing how matter gets it's mass.
Some of the CERN tour photos. The glass viewing window into the control room was awesome.
Some culinary delights from the first few days. The smile on Kate's face tells you the review
Couple of filtered photos

2 July 2017

Some old tools from the 1300s the detail they put into their work is incredible.
Museums and local history. Seeing Napoleon's collection was a awe inspiring moment.
Got to keep them gains

30 June 2017

Travelling to Geneva, accidently wore matching outfits. #whoworeitbest