Vietnam, Thailand · 13 Days · 13 Moments · March 2018

Wade & Kate's Adventure in Vietnam

28 March 2018

Wedding day, we had a lazy start and kicked off with a yoga class. We then put on our best and celebrated in style, the location was stunning and it was an awesome night.

27 March 2018

The Buck's and Hen's resulted in a full day of bed ridden recovery. But we have since moved on to our new hotel where the wedding is to happen. The place is beautiful and we even caught up with old Brooko and Tony.

25 March 2018

Bucks and hens party time...... No photos for obvious reasons. Yes bath robe is the required attire for the "pub / club" as mandated....

23 March 2018

We jumped into a last minute cooking class and it turned out to be an absolute awesome experience. We started with a quick trip to the market where we collected the ingredients with our chef. We then took a boat ride to just out of the City to a local farm to do the cooking. We cooked 4 dishes in total and they progressed in difficulty. Might be a bit biased but Kate and I both thought it was some of the better food we have had so far. Plus at one point you deliberately set the pan on fire which was cool. So we are now going to make sure we try and get a good one in Thailand too.
Another day another market. This time a local guide took us through the HoiAn Old Town market. She introduced us to the local produce and confirmed the “tourist tax” is around a 100% mark up. The butchers were all females, and had some interesting cuts of meat on display. We also had some shoes made and Wade found himself a new party shirt

22 March 2018

First night in Hoi An, we stopped for some beer and tucker at the local brewery outlet. Before going for a quick evening stroll around old town. We crowds go from quiet to flat out as soon as the sunset and we found ourselves simply trying to get away. We found this small restaurant (Nu) off the main drag and had some of the best food to date. We still have nothing planned for tomorrow and the hotel hasn't really got much to offer us. Riding a buffalo is just plain strange!
We leave behind Hue and head for the Hoi An, know as the City of Lanterns. Chance to be some reading in for me and Kate to smash out some lectures.

21 March 2018

Today Kate and I visited a Hindu temple, rode a bike around a local village and cooked some local cuisine. The temple is home to 25 students who's entire world is contained to just that area. Never have lived anywhere else or leave the temple. We arrived via dragon boat to an eco resort where we got a quick tour of the local produce we would be cooking with from the gardens. The first time we were introduced to Vietnamese fig, nothing like the sweet fig we know back home. We took a 1.5hour bike ride around the village and meet the locals. We even had a go with hand crafting the incense sticks based off bamboo. After our ride we got into a massage and then onto our one-on-one cooking class of Vietnamese cuisine. I can't remember what the dishes are called but we have a recipe which we will try to replicate when we get home.

20 March 2018

The remnants of the Nyugen Dynasty, Imperial City - Hue. They only recently started rebuilding the damage and you can see it in the wild gardens. Maybe we were a few years to early as it didn't really take us back to the XIX era.
Wandering through the local markets. They have everything, the fruits, vegetables and spices are fresh and vibrant. The health standards for their meat is non-existent. Trays of seafood, beef and frogs are on display in 30degree heat with no cover or refrigeration

19 March 2018

International haircut #2 The barber could not speak English, but had a photo of Taylor Swift on his wall so was Wade’s first choice for a haircut. He regretted the choice when the barber took the clipper to his ‘beard’

18 March 2018

Cave tour that was 14kms round trip and involved over 1000 stairs. The scale of the cave system was unbelievable. There was no light at all and the size made it almost impossible to capture on a camera. At the end of 7kms trekking we ended up at heavens realm. A naturally formed hole that shines light straight into the system.

16 March 2018

Touched down in Vietnam exhausted after 24 hours travel to find the hotel had given away our booking. Lucky they sourced a room in a hotel nearby