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A foodie and her trips

6 August 2017

We deliberately skip entree and save ourselves for dessert. It wasn't a wrong decision. The dessert menu was decent with a variety from chocolate to fruit based and gelato. This is their mango soufflé with candied orange gelato. Soufflé is the most clever invention of dessert world and I'm a big fan. You have to perform the right technique to get the surface puffed up yet keep the inside creamy and soft and popped into million tiny bubbles in your palate. It's a sweet and weird pleasure. And because it's sweet (mainly sugar and egg as main ingredients), its gelato companion is a bit tangy to wake you up from the sugary sleep. Well played of flavour. And I mean, look at the popping colour. Aren't you excited seeing it reaching to your table matt? ☺️
This is BBQ seafood of king prawns, Queensland calamari, confit tomatoes and shaved bottarga. *we asked what bottarga is. They explained it's fish roe that supposedly gives the dish a bit of umami sea-like flavour. Unfortunately I didn't think it was noticeable* The prawns are decent size and fresh. Nice texture with a good charred around. Calamari is ok. Soft and springy. There is also a tempura baby octopus on top. I was surprised as baby octopus wasn't on the description. Perhaps they run out of bottarga and replace it with baby octopus. I didn't think the plate need it there. My most favourite part is the confit of tomatoes. A clear broth that is very elegant yet fresh and fragrant. Without this broth, the dish would have been one dimensional and boring to me. But the broth freshen up your palette and wash down some of the heavy seafood after taste and you are good to savour down the next bite. It's not too bad.
If you are into poetry and history. And you are a foodie. Then Banjo Paterson Cottage restaurant is a must try. The author of the classic fork song Waltzing Matilda stayed here in his early life with his grandmother, whose love for poetry nurtured his. Take a stroll around the house and enjoy the plaques. This is now belongs to the National Trust and operates as a fine dining restaurant, well situated among a nice parkland with peaceful view of water and yachts. Take your love one here in one sunny afternoon, go for a walk around the park then stop by for lunch. It won't go any more romantic than that 😌 You will be invited to part of Australian history, wait around in the at-the-time dinning room. The fireplace might be on during a chilly winter night to keep you warm and cosy. A very nice experience.

5 August 2017

If you love flowers and food, visit one of the branches of Flower Child Cafe next time you are in town. Potted plants drop down above your seating areas. Fresh cut exotic Australian flower decorations on the tables. This is their Coco Pop Waffles. Belgium waffles with coco pop anglaise, raspberry jelly, fresh and dried banana, candies nuts, coco pops, vanilla ice cream and Canadian maple. The plate is almost too pretty to be savoured. Flowery and colourful. Waffles have great crunchy and soft and chewy texture. The toppings vary from fresh to dried, soft to crunchy. Flowers are extremely elegant and bring a nice fragrant after taste. Yes it's not for those without a sweet tooth but that's fine by me πŸ˜‹

4 August 2017

Deconstructed cheese cake with fresh berries and gelato. Deconstructed can be bipolar. But if it's done well then it can be a crowd pleaser. And I think this one is done very well. Cheese is light and fatty. The good pleasant fatty taste of light soft fresh goat cheese. It's coated well under berries sauce. And if your palate is overwhelmed, there is that gelato to clean it up and you are ready for the next spoon. It's served with almond soil which is a mixture of almond and biscuit crumbs. Nice and buttery flavour and almond gives it a bit of crunch as well. I think it's a clever concept. I'd love to try making it for our guests. I would have added some fresh mint or fresh elements other than berries so it's not one dimensional.
One great spaghetti marinara. Lots of fresh blue mussels. Decent size and fresh scallops. Salmon. Fresh prawns. The fresh type that you can tell by the texture and the sea-like flavour that reminds how long you haven't dipped your feet in water, letting waves and sand massaging and running through each toes. Yes. That one. Their spaghetti is something else. It's too chewy, not too crunchy. It's soft and hard at the same time. It goes with Napoletana sauce. Just like each thread of spaghetti is weaved into the sauce. Just enough to give it a red coat and not too overwhelming. Enough sauce so nothing left after the last spoonful. Generous amount of seafood they serve. You should get a piece of seafood to go with each spoon of spaghetti. How did they do it! And I thought I should show the aftermath. I could have cleaned the plate for them 😌
Two things I like the most. Good food and affordable great food. And Spago falls into category two. Their philosophy is to provide you the best food at the most affordable price. Our first visit and they certainly delivery that promise. It's modern daily handmade pasta cooked al-dente and fold in a variety of classic Italian sauces. This is Japanese Slipper. It's refreshing and very easy to drink. One part Cointreau. One part lemon juice. One part Midori. All shakes well with ice then strained and garnished with a black olive. Regardless of its name, this cocktail was actually first introduced in Melbourne 😎Yas Melbourne 😎

19 July 2017

Filipino cuisine, first timer and perhaps not my best experience. We checked out their reviews which were all over the moon until we are brought down to earth. The place looks like a tea house with lots of tea sets on decorations. And I appreciate them. The front has a little wishing well and that would have been cute in a fine summer afternoon. But it's a cold winter night for us this time. A simple menu. Some starters, rice dishes, main and noodles. So for someone who hasn't tried Filipino previously, we don't have to think much. Starters are standard spring rolls, battered prawns or squids. We get πŸ¦‘ Standard. Beef stew looks ok but there are more potatoes and carrots and peas and tomatoes to beef in that recipe. You get a first or second spoon of beef and that's it. To be fair the flavour was there but not enough to impress. Garlic rice is ok but it needs seasoning. We end up getting soya sauce on the side and adding it to taste. Fried noodle was mediocre πŸ˜•no seasoning

16 July 2017

One of our regular safe choice when too lazy to make a decision. And we know we would be happy enjoying their food. To be fair we haven't tried other items on their menu except for bun bo hue or pho (which are two popular Vietnamese noodle soup) but that's enough for us. This is their rare beef noodle soup 🍜 And it's tasty to the last drop. Noodle is not too mushy (you know, the texture when noodle is too soft it loses its integrity). Broth is clear and has its depth, the kind that you only receive after simmering bone in broth for hours. And good quality beef so they are soft and fresh texture. Beef is sliced waffly thin, arranged over noodle and boiling broth is poured over them cooking them at the same time. So by the time the bowl gets to your table, beef is cooked to medium rare and perfect to taste. Enjoy!
Adelaide! Brunch spot by the beach! Yas of course we are in! It's a little cafe in top of the hill. Tiny inside with outside siting area. On a fine morning it would have been amazing. But it's doom and gloom today. Fresh bakery treat on the counter and that gets me excited every time. I mean. Look at them πŸ‘€ Their coffee is good. Dark roasted bean to give the dark strong after taste. To be fair I order a double shot small cup so it's stronger than regular. And their breakfast (which takes a while to come out). Dark eye toast under smashed avocado with roasted pumpkin, whipped feta, beetroot hummus, sweet potato crisps, snow pea tendrils and toasted pepitas. Also a poached egg on a side. Each element tastes great on its own and come together quite well. That whipped feta gives the whole dish the salty flavour whilst beetroot hummus dials it down a notch. And sweet potatoes haven't tasted any better than crispy little strips πŸ˜‹

15 July 2017

Thai food this time. And we haven't had ThÑi for a while so it's a good change. Tom yum soup is always a good choice for comfort food. And a cold night. I have to say they use very fresh produce for this. From mussels to prawns and squids. Rather we have them that fresh back home. And we order mild level hot so that gets us going and warming up. And their menu. Perhaps the first time I see a menu with soft shell crabs being featured on that many items. They top it over seafood stir fried and salad. It's a page or two of items with soft shell crabs. It's impressive. So we get this pawpaw salad with soft shell crabs. Of course! The crab is soft and creamy and crunchy. Pawpaw salad dressing can be better but crab gets us happy ☺️

11 July 2017

Penne asparagi e gamberi Tiger prawn, fresh asparagus and shallots tossed through extra virgin olive oil, white wine, garlic and chilli. I enjoy this until the last piece. Asparagus was grilled with lots of salt that brings out its sweetness flavour. I'd prefer my asparagus to be cooked a bit less time to keep its texture but the flavour still overshadows that. Tiger prawns is as fresh as they can be. Its texture says it all. And the flavour is sweet and salty. And pasta is al dente so it keeps the texture and its integrity. It's glossy under the light and well coated in just enough garlic and chilli olive oil mixture in the background of their beautiful prawns. And I pair this with a glass of their Italian pinot grigio. It's aroma calls my name as soon as the glass reaches our table. It's light yet great elegant after taste. So good 🍀🌢🍝🍷
Today marks two and a half years from our first date. So we thought to revisit the place we first went out together. Neither of us remember what it called nor had fond memories of their food but it's part of our memories so we reckon to give them another try. After some googling, apparently they moved to a lakeside location. On a Tuesday night and they were almost fully booked. Someone turned up 10 minutes after us and they had to get tables outside. So they must have done something right with their food this time. This is Tomato Bruschetta. Toasted Italian bread topped with baby tomatoes, bocconcini, Spanish red onion and fresh basil, then dressed with extra virgin olive oil and drizzled with balsamic reduction. For some reasons I thought bruschetta would have been finger food kind of size so we can pick up with our hands and just go for it. But this piece of bread is a full size so we had to cut into pieces. The flavour is standard for a tomato bruschetta but it's a good bread.

9 July 2017

My first time ever trying chicken schnitzel. And I like it. Chicken schnitzel is simply a piece of chicken breast pounded thinly, coated in crumbs and fried or oven baked. The ending result is a crumbly crunchy piece of chicken hopeful being cooked not too long so still moist inside. At this place, it's served with balsamic glazed salad, chips and sauce of your choice. I opted for hot chilly so it ended up like buffalo breast. The Tabasco-based heat gave my palate a good kick asking for more chicken. Not a boring piece of dry fried chicken it was.
A hot glass of mule wine is just a perfect treat for a cold winter afternoon. As soon as the bartender opens the lid of their mule wine pot (yes they keep it hot in an electrical pot), he gets the alcohol kick strongly up the face. You can smell it from the other side of the counter. The liquid is dark, warm and infused with lots of cinnamon and other herbs. At first sip it might be a little strong yet you get used to it. There is little after taste so you don't feel like drinking wine at all. I guess that's the trick 🍷

3 July 2017

One freezing winter night and we were craving for a bowl of hot 🍜 deliciousness. Who doesn't? We planned on visiting another place but ended up here for Crossing Bridge Noodle Soup. And here was how it looked like. One boiling sizzling clay pot of soup of your choice. This was original soup. It's light and clear, yet flavoursome. And all ingredients are served raw individually. There are instructions that show you how to do it properly. You start putting quail egg in first, then protein, then vegetables. All will be cooked in the hot soup until you are ready to eat. It's an interesting and tasty experience. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

2 July 2017

Balinese smoked duck they call this. Balinese spices and betel nut leaves are stuffed inside a duck, then it's smoked until tendered, served with rice, green beans and eggs salad, pickles and chilly sauce. They also made duck skewers which were well marinated and delicious. Duck meat is so soft and moist and brings that smoky spice flavour. πŸ¦†πŸ’žDon't forget to try with their chilly sauce. It's not as spicy and it enhances the flavour a great deal.
So we tried Nasigoreng at a 30+ years old restaurant in Ubud. It can't get anymore authentic than this. Flavoured rice was fried with eggs and condiments, then served with fried corn cake, a fried egg, pickles and crackers. You can mix their chilly sauce if you want some heat. Be sure to try a spoonful of all elements and enjoy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹ See if you can taste the vegetables mixed in their fried rice. And the flavour is one of a kind too.

28 June 2017

And want to add your personal touch to the premise? Write in their little note book. Which one did you enjoy the most? Where you come from? Or a drawing. Why not! πŸ˜‡
Alaska bomb. I heard so much about it. It was featured on so many cooking shows. The last one I remembered was My Kitchen's Rules of the mother-son contestants some years back. To ensemble an Alaska bomb, you start with an ice cream in a mould then a layer of cake at the bottom. Put them in the freezer so they can 'glue' into one piece, then you pipe meringue around to cover all the surface. At the end you use a torch to quickly burn the meringue and give it a smoky look and smell. It sounds great but I don't think it's that exciting for me. The meringue has an interesting texture, softer then marshmallows and creamier then butter cream. But afterwards it's just a scoop of ice cream πŸ™ƒ
We got to dessert 🍨 Yas finally. This is midnight munchies. Imagine you can't sleep. It pass super hours. You pull out a bowl, get to the fridge and start putting a scoop of ice cream and something crunchy to complement the creamy the texture. This is it. Vanilla ice cream. Tempered chocolate. Honeycomb. Who can say no 😁
We were not full yet after four plates of food. Who is πŸ˜‚ So beef steak carpaccio came out. They made sure you got the flavour as soon as it touched your tongue. So they used lots of spice and sour elements like capers. Mix well the the fresh yoke and enjoy with prawn crackers.
If you are in town, you will know truffles are in season and it's the latest buzzword. They said the chef infused an egg in truffles then used that egg to make this pasta. The whole dish was simply pasta in olive oil with a poached 🍳 and served with freshly graded truffles. Prepare your palate to be hit with a strong woody smell of truffles. At first it didn't make sense to me. Just like I'm eating a very well made egg pasta with wood. Then the sense grew in my palate. To the last mouthful I wished there was more pasta on the plate. πŸ˜‹Yum πŸ‘…
Kangaroo steak with goat cheese, nuts and salads. Steak was cooked well. You want your kangaroo to be pink otherwise it will destroy its flavour, dry and chewy. It's a bit salty for my liking. It would be better if they provide more creamy elements and more leaves to pull your palate back and make it balance.
This is cheese and guava waffles. It's creamy with a playful pickle and the waffle brings some sort of meditaranian flavour. I can tasted cumin in that waffle. Little bit of goodness
On a cold night with a bit of a cold, you don't want to make dinner and clean up. You want to get out and get some hot 🍜. So we went out setting out target to a new place in town. It was full. So we try 86. The place at first gives a similar atmosphere to other places in Braddon, trying to be on trend and serving shared plates of food. Their menu offers a variety from light to meaty and some desserts. We ordered duck buns and I think it was the best we had that night. The bun was very light and fluffy with soft texture. Flavour was ok too.

25 June 2017

Tallow and thyme generated some talks in town with their statement about paleo diet. I wasn't even remember this until standing in front of the place. Nevertheless, we gave it a go. Sunday brunch time and it's not too crowded. They still have a bit further to go. My boyfriend said their coffee is good. And I trust his coffee palate as the guy is very picky with his caffeine. I ordered a zucchini spaghetti 🍝 in pesto, rocket and cherry tomatoes πŸ…. Yas I know it's been a huge trend around since forever but I only got a chance to try today. It's ok but the serving is too much for me. It took me a bit to adjust my palate as it initially a bit bland. I had to put salt into the mix. Once it kicks in, the zucchini was sort of sweet and crunchy texture. I don't think tomatoes should be on that plate. I do want to get back to this place to try other dishes. Their menu looks interesting.

19 June 2017

Brown rice, chickpea and tofu salad at Me Linh Cafe. They use a creamy based dressing (I'm guessing seasoned mayonnaise) over green leaves, pickle, micro herbs, cucumber, carrot and tomato. Salad is very well dressed, fresh and crisp. You can taste the well seasons vegetables with a piece of crunchy tofu. Or just as nice with a bit of brown rice and chickpea. Salad can be delicious too πŸ₯’πŸ₯•πŸ₯—

21 February 2017

It might look plain and boring. And what's on that tray is plain and simple. But don't let that simplicity stir you away from Singapore's all time favourite comfort food, chicken rice. The recipe is simple yet it takes skills to master. Chicken, steamed or boiled, served with rice cooked in chicken stock, a bowl of chicken soup, chilly sauce, pickles and green onion oil. How can you cook chicken yet doesn't turn it to dry, keeping the piece still juicy and moist? That takes skills. And balancing all the flavour by adding the condiments. That takes experience. A must try for any foodie in Singapore πŸ˜πŸ—πŸš

11 December 2014

Dessert time at a Taiwanese dessert house, Meet Fresh. This is black sesame mochi served on a lighter version of condensed milk. If you don't have sweet teeth, this might not be for you. It's not too heavily sweet. It's just one dimensional. But if you are into texture and if you enjoy chewing a piece of bread thoroughly to enjoy its flavour, you might enjoy this dessert. Black sesame on top give your palate a bit of break from the sweetness but just chewing on the piece of mochi and enjoy the condensed milk flavour. It's surely interesting and enjoyable.
Infusion is a big trend lately for any contemporary dining scene and it's no exception at Vitis Eatery. This is port belly with kimchi cucumber and fresh cabbage salad. Pork belly rendered well with little fat. And that crackle is surely very crackling. Get all the pieces together, you have a flavourful piece of pork with crunchy crackling texture, playful soft heat and lightly acidic cucumber with little hint of mayonnaise in those threads of cabbage. So you have heat, sour, soft, crunchy, salty and umami playing in your palate. Is this attractive or not 🌢
One day walking by the busy foodie street of Braddon, we try its latest addition Vitis Eatery and we are very impressed. The dinning room seems to be divided into drink area, casual small group dinner and space for large group occasion. The open kitchen is located behind a green wall so we seem to be transferred into an open garden space. Their eastern Mediterranean contemporary menu offers good selection of shared plates that invites you in for a treat. This is their scallop tartare dressed with wasabi mayonnaise. Fresh scallops with a light hint of acidic dressing, enhanced by the elegant heat of wasabi mayonnaise. What's not to like about it πŸ₯‚

30 November 2014

Orange and almond gluten free cake with orange toffee and ice cream. I'm not allergic to gluten but I do love a piece of orange almond cake. Most of the time they happen to be gluten free. The cake is moist and you can smell orange very well. Orange peels are mixed in the cake with almond flakes. And the orange toffee brings everything together nicely. And if it's too sweet, you have that scoop of ice cream that cleans your palate for the next spoon. So good 🍊🍦
First time visited Jamie's and didn't have a bad experience. Yet lots of my friends don't like this place for some reasons. I can't recall the name of this dish exactly but it had mushrooms with thyme and other herbs, wrap in a thick and hard pastry shell and baked with cheese. It was full of fragrance and interesting texture of soft and chewy and crunchy too. If I'm coming back I'd have this dish again 😍

23 November 2014

Wait for a fine day and get to their market for fresh produce and best food out there. Baguette. Burger. Sweet. Savoury. Visit with an empty stomach and leave with a full tummy and happy face πŸ™ƒ

22 November 2014

And French crepes. A soft light fluffy thin pancake stuffed with chicken and mushrooms, served with more mushrooms. Texture was soft and smooth. Chicken and mushrooms went well together with generous amount of flavoursome sauce. Delicious to the last bite.
French onion soup. The name says it all. Thin slices of fresh onions are cooked in butter until translucent. This process brings out the sweetness in onions themselves. Then stocks, cheese and baked. It reached to our table in a very hot tall bowl with some bread. One spoon of soup and a bite of bread. Take your time and let the flavour sink in πŸ˜‹
We went to French this time. Le Garde Manger seems to be a casual friendly intimidating French place that makes you feel welcome for in quiet Auckland. Snail is a must. It doesn't look appetising but how can you visit a French restaurant without trying their escargots. Snails were baked in butter with lots of garlic and herbs. Yes its texture is a bit rubbery but a good feeling of rubbery that infused well with garlic herb butter. And save those sauce for breads as it would be your best bite of garlic bread. What's not to love?

20 November 2014

Chinese style crepes. Thinner batter than French and the crepes are a bit crunchy on the edges. Don't forget to put cheese in yours and watch the cheese melting and stringing one bite after another. And if you don't feel like savoury, they have sweet stuffing for your dessert time too.