Thailand · 57 Days · 21 Moments · September 2016

Thailand adventures

26 November 2016

It's been a while since I've posted anything, my phone broke a couple of weeks ago, preventing me from using any social media at all and simultaneously reminding me of the positive side of being disconnected. As soon as I leave for New Zealand on my next adventure, I will start over in a new format on a different page on journi, so switch over to this link to follow my Kiwi expedition!

21 October 2016

The second and last week of teaching is over! The past 14 days have left my heart, like the Grinch's, a few sizes larger.

14 October 2016

Had a very special week teaching English. Next week I'll (hopefully) be teaching the same class, before going to visit the monks in Wang Nam Khiao

12 October 2016

Day three: animal day!

11 October 2016

Day two of teaching, class just got bigger: 22 altogether. Makes it more fun as we're with 4 volunteers so everyone has something to do.

10 October 2016

Finally down to post something again. Wednesday was DIY day, we made bracelets (or barcelets, as the Thai pronounce them), cooked pad thai and ate a Thai style DIY-barbeque!
Saturday we visited the amazing Erawan National Park, where we climbed all the way up all seven of its waterfalls and swam in the gorgeous ponds filled with fish that nibbled away at your feet until they were completely clean.
Had a great first day of teaching! The class has 15 students and they're all very sweet

8 October 2016

Friday evening we arrived in Kanchanaburi, opposite a great bar called BB Bar, or Triple B, a great place to eat, drink, play pool and listen to live music.
Finished off with a bucket full of (tequila) sunrise at the BB Bar :D

7 October 2016

Friday was the last Culture day, in which we visited the Buddha's footprint, and climbed atop the hill there that gave us a wonderful view of Saraburi. The Thai on the picture is my tour guide, who was absolutely awesome!

6 October 2016

Thursday we visited the Sleeping Buddha, worth seeing! The temple site around it is very beautiful

4 October 2016

Ayutthaya ruins: once the ancient Thai capital, destroyed by the Burmese during their invasion.
Just came bacl from Wat Muang, one of the most impressive temple sites in Thailand, its headpiece being the biggest big buddha in the country! The buddha was a marvelous site to behold and surrounded by an array of wonderful shrines, temples and statues depicting the 5 buddhist sins and the war with the Burmese during the 18th century.

3 October 2016

Today was the first day of the Culture Week. It was especially warm and humid today, which took its toll on the group, but we did see some remarkable things. The big buddha (2nd largest in Thailand) at a temple site unfindable on the Internet, for example. We ate at a beautiful spot near a river with a view over some traditional castle-like Thai houses. The rest of the day was crammed with visits to markets and local towns. At the end of the evening we were treated to a traditional dancing night, both the music and the dancing performed by a group of local children. After demonstrating it themselves, they invited us to dance with us.

2 October 2016

Finally sitting down to watch the national Rowing Championship
Just landed in Bangkok!!

2 October 2016

Pffff what a trip. I met my fellow travellers at the airport, after which our guide led us to the train station. To get to Singburi two trains, a 2-hour bus ride and a jeep. Altogether Amsterdam-Singburi took me almost 20 hours. The accommodation is incredible, pics will soon follow!
Sitting back and enjoying the badly pronounced flight announcements :P all Chinese jokes aside, the services and staff of this flight are great!
Saying final goodbyes to friends & family. Up till this point everything has been a sacrifice: the endless working hours to make it happen, the people I have to let go the coming months and the growing distance between me and my bed at home. However, I know with absolute certainty it will all be worthwile 💪

30 September 2016

The clock is ticking its final hours! In 14 hours I'll be looking down on Amsterdam from the sky as I leave for Bangkok. After a measly 12 hours the plane will have landed and there'll be a bus waiting to pick me up and escort me to Singburi, where I'll be doing voluntary work as a class assistent. Psyched!!! Pics will follow shortly