United States of America · 19 Days · 119 Moments · June 2017

2017 Yosemite

3 July 2017

We are home. Amazing trip and I can't wait for the next adventure. Thank you for viewing our trip. VJ and Dave.
Closest thing I could find as a welcome to Indiana sign and eastern time.
St Louis

2 July 2017

We have stopped for the night.
About 1.5 hours till we stop for the night in Springfield
Tulsa Oklahoma
Oklahoma. Can't find a border sign
Not much to see in the pan handle of Texas so far. Farm land and wind turbines
Paid $1.829 a gallon to fill up the motorhome. Woo hoo.
Left Amarillo and got on the road about 9:30 CT after filling up. It rained last night but is sunny today. First rain we have seen. It sprinkled in the mountains once.

1 July 2017

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary at Polo Duro Canyon. This was the first evening of our trip we could sit outside and enjoy the evening. It wasn't over 100 degrees.

30 June 2017

We arrived in Amarillo Texas around 6:30 central Friday. Set up and went to buffalo wild wings. Lol We saw a road runner run across the road.
Entering Texas. We both have been to Texas but not in this part of it.
Leaving New Mexico
New Mexico. A new state for me. I've never been here.

29 June 2017

Last night's sunset at Holbrook Arizona. Texas here we come.
And Painted desert
Petrified Forest
We went to the Petrified Forest

28 June 2017

Made it to Holbrook Arizona KOA . Relaxing and Laundry

27 June 2017

It was very hot and windy. Went though 2 tanks of gas driving around the desert in our nice air conditioned Jeep
Nice ride in the desert. It's now 108. Was 111 at motorhome. 98 this morning at 9:00am
Heading to the Mojave desert on Route 66. They had memorials made out of stone for all branches of the military. I put Mojave desert in Google maps and when we got the entrance. Google maps stopped at when the road changed. We drove for a 30+ mins on a dirt road. I thought for sure we weren't supposed to be on the road. Dave did mention they probably don't pave the roads in the desert. Lol Finally we came to a cross road and It had road signs and miles to different places. I guess we were allowed on them. After getting a park map. The roads were called 2 wheel drive unpaved roads.

26 June 2017

Needles KOA.
Arrived at Needkes KOA and set up in 30 mins. It's a little warm.
And dusty. Dust to the left
The rest area had a sign saying the have no landscaping to save water.
I don't want to know the temperature but it looks hot
Heading to Needles,CA for 2 nights. It's by the Mojave desert
Leaving Bakersfield, CA
Left Yosemite at 8:00am. Hopefully we will have better signals and I can post more again. We are just north of Bakersfield

25 June 2017

This is what heat and elevation does to your water bottle.
Looking at the Redwoods from the road.
You hear them talk about the big Sequoia trees. Well they really are BIG. Dave is doing his physical therapy on the tree.

24 June 2017

More Santa Cruz
It was Saturday and no place to park in the park. We decided to drive somewhere away from the park. We took a map and looked west. Santa Cruz looked like a good place and we took off. It took 4 hours to get there but we saw miles and miles of fruit trees and nut trees. We ate dinner on the beach and drove back to the motorhome.
We got up early Saturday to go to the park. There was a rock slide some time and they had the road down to 1 lane onto the park. The rock slide damaged the road We wanted to take Tioga road and when we got to the road it was closed. Later we found out that there was still 8 to 9 feet of snow and they did not have the road cleaned off yet. Hard to believe that we were sweating in there pictures and miles up the road was feet of snow on the road.

23 June 2017

As we were heading back to the Jeep we passed a man near the top of a hill on the trail. A woman at the bottom of the hill and a son farther away from the mom. Turns out there was a black bear not too far from the trail. The son was on the other side of the bear from his parents. That is Dave to the right of the picture. We all watched and when the bear lost his footing on the branch he was walking on. Dave and I quickly walked past. We were about 10 feet away. The son was about 15 and we talked to him a min. He was hoping the bear would leave so he could join his parents.
The trail to the falls. It was around 100 degrees with a very hot light wind
Hetch Hetchey falls
We drove to Hatch Hetchy Reservoir. It supplies all the fresh water for San Francisco. You can not be in this water. When we went though the park gates the ranger asked if we were going to the falls. He said with all the snow melt there is extra water and it is dangerous to hike to the falls. If you look in the picture of the falls in the background. The small falls to the left is the snow melt falls. The real falls is to the right.
Arches entrance to Yosemite

22 June 2017

The first falls we saw in Yosemite
Mariposa KOA
37 miles to Mariposa, CA
Palm trees
Heading to Yosemite Driving past snow in the mountains
Navigator.......my job....GPS.....Tablet or cell phone. AAA map and an Atlas on my lap. Our mom taught us well. She was the navigator too.
We followed the AAA map and GPS and we got on Pool Station road - a smaller road. I really don't think a 50 foot motorhome towing should have been on. Lol. The road got worst as we drove. But we made it.

21 June 2017

Woke up to a coating of yellow pollen. Poor Dave it attacked his sinuses here and at Yosemite.
Rain!!!!! It was hot again after. Stopped for lunch
Dave doing his PT with 12 oz curls.
I will post more pictures soon. Enjoying the scenery.
Took a Happy Hour ride on a boat on the lake
Stopped by a park in the Tahoe area. The water is so clear
Driving around lake Tahoe Burned area from around 2014

20 June 2017

Valley RV park South Lake Tahoe
Heading to South Lake Tahoe. Looking at the lake
Bear crossing next 4 miles
Falon Navada....its a bit warm
Driving along and see police lights heading towards us. They pull up next to us and told us we had to pull off the road. A wide load was being escorted through the mountains twist and turns.
Heading to South Lake Tahoe. More cyclist too.
Ely Nevada KOA. Stopped for the night.

19 June 2017

This sign means free range cattle.
We are now on route 50. We drove on 50 for 1 1/2 days. It was very windy and hot. The motorhome A.C. could not keep up. It might be hard to see but the white in the pictures are wind/sand tornado type things When one hit us it rocked the motorhome.
You will have to zoom in but we have gone 1600 miles so far
New territory our motorhome has never been.
This is where we turned off going to Salt Lake City after Moab
We turned at this exit to go to Moab Utah 2 years ago
We are driving in high heat and high winds warnings and we see people riding their bicycles along the highway. There are signs that says to share the road and a picture of bicycles
Speed limit is 80 in Utah ...but not us. We max out at 75.
Leaving Colorado and entering Utah
And down......
Around 11,000 ft up
Beautiful day for a drive.

18 June 2017

Leaving Dakota Ridge

17 June 2017

Sunset. Sunday
Run away is the trucks if the brakes go out. It's the line that goes straight
Dakota Ridge RV park
We stayed in a cabin when we went to the Bengals vs Broncos.
First sight of mountains. Where the semi trailers are. You see it as we do through the bugs on the windshield. Lol
Entering Colorado. We are on mountain time and 2 hours behind
Leaving Kansas
Wind turbines and oil pumps in the same area
In bad weather they put gates across the road . Sign says it is last exit when road is closed
Wind farms everywhere. Good place in Kansas
On the road again. 9:20 CDT

16 June 2017

Salina , KS. In for the night
Speed limit is 75
And more Kansas
Kansas city
Entering Missouri. These were earlier and hopefully the real time is tagged to it.
It's very hard to see but the St Louis arch is to the left. Past the white smoke and left of buildings

15 June 2017

Casey Illinois. Overnight stop
Yosemite....here we come