France, Italy · 3 Days · 12 Moments · October 2017

Our adventure in Venice❣

7 October 2017

Today we had to stand up at 7.30😪 Then we went to the boat and back to the airport... there we drunk our last coffee in Italy and flew back to Basel. The trip was really nice and I enjoyed every second.

6 October 2017

After the excursions we just walked around the city bought some souveniers and went to a restaurant for dinner. We bouth ate pasta with pesto and a mixed salad😊 Afterwards we went with the boat to the Rialto bridge and back and ate a delicious icecream🍦
In the afternoon we went to the island Murano which is fameous for the glass. It was really interesting to see how they make different skulptures. We also drunk a coffee😄
This morning we took a daypass for the boats and then we drove to the "Palazzo ducale" and visited it. It was really interesting bcs u could also visit the jail and there were a lot of paintings and quotes on the wall which were really imressiv and on all the drawings you can see one woman. We also walked over the "Ponte dei sospiri" which is fameous because the prisoners had to walk over this after they got arrested.

5 October 2017

In the evening we bought some postcards and put them in the mailbox. Afterwards we walket through the streets and ate dinner in a friendly restaurant.😊
This afternoon was great... Camilla the girl I met in Cambridge came to Venice for some hours. I was so happy to see her again it was a wonderful time and we talked about anything. It was amazing to relax with her and Roman. We also went to the Magnum shop and created our own Magnum😄 After the hours we spent together we went to the trainstation and said goodbye for another time. It was really emotionally but also wonderful that we could met. I'm really thankful for this afternoon😁
This morning we walked through the city and went again to the Rialto bridge. It was really nica and we saw some beautiful birds...😃 There was also a place where some painters fullfilled their pictures😄 The cookies you see on the picture are amazing 😄

4 October 2017

This is our first dinner in Venice. Obviously Pizza😍 it was really delicious😄
After we got lost and finally found the right way home we crossed the Rialto bridge which is the most fameous bridge in Venice. We'll go back to this bridge an other day and i'll write more about this. 😄
So we visited the city for the first time... We just started to walk and walk and walk.. we haven't had a plan but later we thought that we could go to the fameous place S. Marco. It was amazing to see all this bridges and the smal ways you can see on the pitcures. We saw also a big tower which has big bells inside. After we walked almost to the other end of the city we came to the sea and it was so beautiful! One thing which impressed us was the hospital. It was really special because its in a really old building with a lot of decorations.
After we flew for the first time together we went on the Alilaguna which is a boat which brought us to our hotel. First we searched the nr 1182 but our hotel was 1082 then we have found all numbers around 1182 but this one wasn't there so we were afraid that they cheated to us and there isn't a hotel but then a noce woman told us where we have to go and then we found it. Its really nice here but our bathroom isn't in our room that's a bit sad but its ok bcs we have our own which isn't used by other people.
Today Roman and I will fly to Venice. I'm really happy to spent some days with him and see a new beautiful place in this world. It's the first rime we fly together and I'm really excited!😄