United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · August 2016

Tara Murphy

Viva Las Vegas!! (August 2016)

22 August 2016

In downtown Las Vegas on Freemont St with all sorts of street entertainment! Check this guy out! #RockOutWithMyCockOut
Sometimes it doesn't feel like your even in Las Vegas, beautiful gondola rides on the main strip! (Even if Steve found that there are pedals to control the gondola, not the stick/oar it looks like they use!)
Still my favourite place in Vegas, outside the Venetian! ❀️
Birthday cake from Carlos Bakery! Omg, best cake ever!! #CakeBoss 🍰
I think this sign should be in the BYHOF! πŸ˜‰πŸ»
New York in Las Vegas. Has a great rollercoster inside! 🎒
Top of the Stratosphere, just before doing the "big drop" ride! 🎒

21 August 2016

Ready for the Cirque Du Soleil show at the Bellagio! 🎭
Inside the Bellagio. Checking out the flower marine life art! 🌸🐠
First night on the strip, just outside the Palazzo!