Indonesia · 7 Days · 16 Moments · April 2013

Visit the non-touristic BALI

9 April 2013

Visit an artist near Ubud We visited a famous Balinese painter. Yan Suryana paints his pictures with a scraper, no pencils! His pictures show traditional Baline scenes and are very colorful. We couldn't resist and bought a picture for our living room. It's a really nice souvenir.
Tanah Lot for sunset Ok, this is very touristy but still worth visiting: the water temple Tanah Lot. You can walk inside (you will get wet!) or sit in one of the restaurants with nice view of the temple. We went there from Ubud with a taxi which was not really expensive. It was better then going with a tour.

8 April 2013

Stay at a yoga hotel Recommendable is for instance the secret garden hotel. Here you have yoga lessons everyday. It was fully booked when we arrived, so we took the hotel next to it, which was really nice as well. It is owned by 3 great guys: Gogo, Putu and Robbie. They will make you the best banana pancake every morning, lend you some DVDs or chat with you until the early morning. You can as well rent a scooter from them. The name of the guesthouse is Lembongan tropical. (Pictures taken from
Nice island half an hour from Bali with fantastic snorkelling places Lembongan is a very laid back island with great possibilities to snorkel and see manta rays, discover great beaches and watch sea weed production. There are many hotels, when you arrive with the boat just walk around a bit. But be careful, there are many people trying to bring you somewhere. They go with you and then will ask money from the hotel (because they brought tourists to the hotel). This is kind of a mafia system. It is better, if you walk around a bit for yourself. There is a great restaurant down the street as well.

7 April 2013

Diving in the north of Bali - Amed For nice diving you can either go to one of the neighboring islands of Bali or you go north to Ames. We didn't go there but got the recommendation to go diving in Amed. You can take a bus or a taxi to get there. A driver for a day should cost no more than EUR 25. I added some pictures I found from a diver on flickr.

6 April 2013

If you are lucky, you will see a ceremony! There are many temples in Bali. All of them are nice to visit. The second largest is Pura Ulun Danu Batu. Bring a Sarong or borrow one to cover your knees and be allowed to enter the temple. We were lucky to see a ceremony where the locals pray and offer some goods to the gods. If you want to visit one best ask the locals when the next will take place. I found a website that lists all ceremonies and give some additional guidance (see link).

5 April 2013

Mount Gunung Batur - impressive volcano From Ubud you can rent a scooter or take a bus and go to the fascinating volcano Mount Gunung Batur. This is not the more famous Gunung Agung - another volcano and the highest mountain on the island - but much better reachable. And still it is quite big and you can see the crater of it. You can drive around a bit or walk. There is also a great lake (Danau Batur) right next to it with some nice temples and viewing points.

4 April 2013

Eat authentic food If you want to eat something authentic don't go to the main streets but in the small streets and find a nice warung. We found some nice ones around the market.
Cultural Dance Show Watch one of the famous dances called Barong dance. The best dances can be seen at Ubud Palace.
Shopping at the market Go to the market to shop cheap sarongs, clothes, food and other stuff.
Other things to do in Ubud Enjoy a massage or again rent a scooter and drive around all the rice fields.
Ubud - A great place to stay Ubud is a really nice place to stay for a bit. There are nice hotels with pools and lots of things to do. Our hotel was named Gayatri. It had a great pool next to a rice field (see picture below) plus breakfast included: Gayatri Bungalows

3 April 2013

Dinner at Jimbaran Beach Get yourself a taxi and head to the Four Season's hotel south of Kuta. There you can eat your dinner (grilled fish, which you can choose before) directly at the beach. A bit pricey, but also very nice and delicious. If you wonder how to return home: ask the driver to wait for you!
My favorite beaches in Southern Bali Go there with your scooter and spend a great day chilling and surfing - ask the locals how to get to: Bingin beach and Balangan beach. Here you can chill out for a day, rent a surfboard and eat in one of the authentic "warungs". In most of these restaurants you can also stay for the night. There are bungalows for rent as well.
Visit a temple next to the ocean and go surfing Hop on your scooter and drive to Uluwatu which is both famous for its temple and for its waves. You can visit the temple - but be aware of the monkeys running around steeling sunglasses - and then walk down to the beach. Recommended for romantic sunsets.
Explore the beaches in Southern Bali The peninsula in the south is called Bukit Badung. It is connected to the main island only through a 1.7km land bridge. It's a surfers paradise with a lot of beautiful beaches. Rent yourself a scooter to discover those beaches. You shouldn't pay more than EUR 3. Ask the locals where are the best beaches - they will tell you how to get to the recommended beaches and surf spots (the roads are steep and gravelly so be careful). Here is the first in my top three collection: Padang Beach.