Vietnam, Thailand · 27 Days · 62 Moments · May 2017

Vietnam & Thailand 2017

28 May 2017

And that's a wrap! Amazing month in Vietnam and Thailand, with memories to last a lifetime. Heading Back to Toronto!

27 May 2017

Spent our last day of the trip in Bangkok! Rainy rainy day, the streets actually flooded! Explored the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall very thoroughly to kill time and even caught a movie at the cinema.
Interesting experience on the night train in Thailand on our way to Bangkok! Had sleeper beds for the night.

26 May 2017

Heading back to Bangkok on a ferry to a train tonight for our final day of the trip tomorrow!
Early morning dives to complete our certification! Up at 6AM for our final day in Koh Tao for some morning dives!

25 May 2017

More training today! Got out into the ocean and had two dives at 12m depths! Amazing views of fish and corals all around!

24 May 2017

More learning and education for scuba diving today! Spent time in the classroom and in the pool today learning how to use all the equipment. Absolutely exhausted this evening!

23 May 2017

Amazing fire dancer performance on the Koh Tao beaches this evening! Enjoyed with some drinks at a beach side bar.
Arrived in Koh Tao this evening to get a view of the beautiful sunset on the beach
Signed up for the SSI Open Water Scuba Diving course today! Excited to get out certification and explore the Koh Tao oceans starting tomorrow!

22 May 2017

Relaxing by the pool and beach all day today

21 May 2017

Explored the Sunday Night Market in Koh Samui this evening, lots of street food and live entertainment
Checked into our hotel, terrific view right on the beach!
Beautiful ferry ride to Koh Samui, amazingly blue water!
Early morning on our way to the islands! Headed to Surat Thani and then on to Koh Samui, excited to get some beach time!

20 May 2017

Spent our final evening in Chiang Mai at the Saturday Night Market. Good eats on the street!
Amazing experience hanging with elephants today! Great time at the Into the Wild sanctuary

19 May 2017

Explored Chiang Mai this evening and even had a fish pedicure! A very weird sensation but a cool thing to do!
Amazing Siam Rice Cooking Class today! Made all sorts of great Thai food and we were absolutely stuffed by the end of it!

18 May 2017

Arrived in Chiang Mai! Beautiful landscape and many mountains all over. Decided to check out the 'Sticky Waterfall' and do some climbing, really cool cool experience!
Off to Chiang Mai after a short trip in Bangkok!

17 May 2017

Walked around the famous Khaosan Road in Bangkok, saw the night markets and grabbed some drinks in the evening.
Moved on to dinner where we had 'the best Pad Thai in Bangkok' at a world-renowned local restaurant. It lives up to its name!
Visited the famed Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, amazing Buddhist temple with very interesting architecture.
Cool market outside the MBK Mall with all sorts of displays and street foods of Bangkok
Checked out the massive 8 story MBK Mall! Much like a North American mall, just quite large with each floor dedicated to different items from electronics to shoes.
Started our day in Bangkok, pouring rain today but we had to make the most of our time here so we headed out in our rain ponchos. Excited to get into the Thai cuisine for an early lunch today.

16 May 2017

Off to Bangkok for the second leg of our trip in Thailand!
Chilling for a couple hours in a cafe in Hanoi before we head to the airport for our flight to Bangkok this evening at 8PM.
Big travel day today! From Cat Ba on a Bus-Boat-Bus back to Hanoi.

15 May 2017

Ultra slow day yesterday, we were not able to do much as it poured all day long in Cat Ba! Lounged around our hotel and caught up in some sleep.

14 May 2017

Ended the day with a $5 foot massage!
Gorgeous day today on the beach, time for sun tanning and walking the pathway alongside a cliff for incredible views.

13 May 2017

Beautiful sunset on this cloudy day, grabbed dinner and took in the views seaside at a bar.
Walked around the town of Cat Ba this afternoon, beautiful views but it was a bit cloudy today. Hoping for better weather tomorrow for the beach!
Arrived in Cat Ba, beautiful views from our hotel room of the amazing scenery around the island.
Travelled to Cat Ba Island, very smooth ride despite the bad reviews online! Journey was bus-bus-ferry-bus but we made it.

12 May 2017

Nice evening with some amazingly priced drinks in the Hanoi night Market. Lots going on between the bars, clubs and street performances.
Some cards and drinks the to take the heat off walking around Hanoi today.
Had some delicious Banh Mi street-side in Hanoi today
Check out the Hoa Loa Prison, where the US Soldiers were held during the war here in Vietnam. Very cool to learn about the history of the conflict in this city.

11 May 2017

Strolled around Hanoi this afternoon, tired after the long train ride but nice to see the city for the first time. A little nicer than Ho Chi Minh City, but a similar vibe.
Tough train ride from midnight to noon, but we made it from Phong Nha to Hanoi

9 May 2017

Rode around the Phong Nha National Park on motorcycles, really cool way to see the beautiful landscape of the area. Could hardly capture the beauty in these photos.
On to the Paradise Cave, much more established infrastructure in this one- nonetheless really cool to checkout the rock formations in this deep cave.
Checked out the Dark Cave, amazing experience which included a zip line, kayaking and a mud bath inside the cave. Got some great GoPro footage too!

8 May 2017

Great live singers at the Easy Tiger bar for entertainment, then on to the nightclub down the road.
Checked into the Easy Tiger hostel in Phong Nha, tons of young people like ourselves and a load of fun! Highly recommended!
Amazing bus ride from Hue to Phong Nha, with lush greenery on the mountains surrounding us.
Cool little cafe to take the heat off on this hot day in Hue!

7 May 2017

Amazing Imperial Palace was a sight to see in Hue, small performances of local arts and terrific architecture lit up in the night sky.
Hopped on the train to Hue from Hoi An, amazing cliff side views of the Vietnamese shoreline.

6 May 2017

Walked around the beautiful night market of Hoi An and saw all the beautiful lanterns around the market.

5 May 2017

Cycled to the beautiful beach after, taking in the gorgeous weather and getting a sun tan while relaxing.
Arrived in the beach town of Hoi An, a much more relaxed vibe in this small town. The town is known for its tailoring, so we headed to a local shop and got some items made for a steal!

4 May 2017

Delicious street-side Banh Mi for lunch!
Relaxed in a beautiful park today before heading out to the War Remnants Museum. Had some exercise fixtures in the park as well!

3 May 2017

Amazing dinner tonight in HCMC as we really enjoyed the very flavorful local tastes of the Bun Cha- best meal of the trip so far!
Headed out to the Mekong River today, exciting to learn about the Mekong culture in Vietnam. Exciting boat tour with samplings of rice and coconut snacks, rides on horse carriages and paddle boats, and a very interesting lunch with local cuisine.

2 May 2017

Amazing rooftop bar in HCMC for our first night, spectacular views and food at The View Rooftop Bar.
Check out the Ben Thanh Market in our first day at HCMC, lots of activity packed into that area. Everything from electronics, clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry in there. Laura got herself a bracelet.
Checked in to our AirBnb in HCMC last night after a long trip from Toronto! Up early this morning with the jet lag. Our host provided some great recommendations for today, which we are eager to go explore.