Asia · 2141 Days · 39 Moments · March 2013

Vincent's adventure in Travel the World

5 February 2019

Second night for the same hotel dinner. Maybe today eat early, so only we take the dinner at that time.
Second day saw the beautiful sunset. Yesterday saw a while when in hotel swimming pool with kid. Still recall the color like pink.
After saw Long Beach Center for the pearl product. We come out and then take cup of the drink. The order is not really like the photo they show, anyhow one time business, so no brother to complain as well. It seem this also belong to Long Beach retail and entertainment business.
Mini mart stop by for buy some snack and drink for the night, just in case.
Buffet lunch.
Impressive cable car birdview from top down and saw the surround island. We take it to the pineapple Island, now Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

23 September 2017

Mangosix Today brunch with family at mangosix as it seem kid like to visit here for the brunch.

22 September 2017

Go Thai Lunch with wife. This restaurant is focus on Thailand street food.

16 September 2017

21 sizzling a and grill Weekend explore for new place for the new dining experience with family.

15 September 2017

Mosano coffee Cup of coffee after lunch pass thru coffee shop and plan to hanging inside for wait for the raining stop.

10 September 2017

Garage 51 Weekend try out nearby kid school restaurant. Lot of student hanging over here. In day time is almost impossible to park here but weekend lot of parking.

17 June 2017

Gangnam 88 Tonight place for Korea cuisine dinner. Second visit. The squid fried the put into hotpot less than expect. No my cup of tea.
Mango Six Coffee and Dessert. Second time visit for brunch. Kid insist come here for waffle desert, why not.

15 June 2017

The place for business lunch. Second time visit choose here is mainly for silent environment. I can imagine here good place for dinner before culture art performance live show or music performance. Kuala Lumpur art performance center just walking distance. The restaurant despite cited Asia style but two time also end up with their Thai cuisine I think it more specialised in Thailand cuisine. Also certain wine.

12 June 2017

Place for brunch. Pancake house. The food I tasted actually so so. Wife and kid try their pancake, but no mood for pancake for me on that day.

10 June 2017

Place for dinner. Consider frequent visit restaurant. One advantage for this restaurant is variety of food from east to west, and style. Make it easy for select meal for the taste for the day.
Brunch. Green tea ice blended with red bean is my favor.

9 June 2017

Business lunch with heathy organics food.
Breakfast while wait for appointment time.

8 June 2017

Lunch for the day.
Another interesting book title flip thru at client waiting corner. I like the idea for put some book here for reading.
Interesting book title read at client office while waiting for the appointment.

6 June 2017

Snack while wait for kid at his school, he on the school overnight trip and it time to pick up him from school.
Dim sum breakfast. Today kid I around with wife for the together breakfast after finish medical checkup.

5 June 2017

Dinner with wife. Kid on overnight trip.

4 June 2017

Dinner place.
Teatime dessert.
Heathy food for brunch

3 June 2017

Gangnam 88 Korea restaurant.

7 May 2017

On flight scene from the sky and nearby destination Phuket.
Among those on flight magazine I like AirAsia magazine the travel photography impressive and one article about Japan festival.
Another round of drink while wait for flight and departing.
Some scene saw while hanging inside shopping area of airport. Mother day approaching while saw the poster.
World landmarks Interesting landmarks sketch come across inside cafe.
Subway | Breakfast Since still earlier so we have our breakfast first. Kid want Subway so we have subway for breakfast.
Kuala Lumpur international airport 2 Arrived airport and it time for travel again. This round destination Phuket. Since it is send round of Phuket trip, so call it Phuket 2.

27 January 2017

Hanging at airport secret receipt for the drink while still had time for the check in.
This Japanese restaurant always was t to try but due to timing no right and always eat before immigration so always missed it. This round after drink and we decide to eat here. I like the modern way for put Japanese sake that is so modern and way for ice to cool it down is eye opening tool.

28 March 2013

Shirakawa-go, Gifu From we go to the observation deck for has a look for the entire village in the bird view, very beautiful landscape. Then we go inside the village, pass Thor the bridge, and wandering inside the village. This UNESCO world heritage site I think in particular beautiful during the winter or autumn scene. If can spend at least one night stay in the village will be good cultural experience.