Greece · 16 Days · 19 Moments · February 2017

Viktoria Maria goes Greece

23 February 2017

So that's it... Last day and night in Athens, 4 hours of sleep and off to the airport (with metro striking 😑). Right now we're on our way to Switzerland 🇨🇭😏 Hope to see you again Greece !

22 February 2017

Our last morning after sleeping on the side of the road and waking up to this view. I'm really gonna miss this! Last stop Corinth, packing our bags, cleaning the car and back to Athens. Bye bye chaotic camping time 😔

21 February 2017

I think we loved that town so much because in all those narrow streets there's something for everybody's taste: food, souvenirs, cafes, etc. And the best: the "Antica Gelateria di Roma", lovely owners and delicious ice cream!
We really loved the view from Palamidi castle over Nafplio and had a blast taking funny photos 😁 It was totally worth it taking the 999 steps up to the castle and not going by car.

20 February 2017

Our first night in Nafplio camping at the beach! Quite cold but so beautiful and such a clean camp site "Argolic Strand", with a very polite host 😊 We drank to our last days in Greece and enjoyed the sunset after we visited old town Nafplio (pic with the small alley).
After our island trip through Lefkada we continued our journey to our last stops Olympia (stones), Patras (Bridge) and Sparta (statue). We were lucky concerning the weather and enjoyed the sun ☀️

18 February 2017

After the Beach of Dreams we headed back to Lefkas and had a extraordinarily tasty meal in this sweet little restaurant. Very obliging service and the menu was handed on wooden panels - charming. Couldn't really read the name of the restaurant, but here's a photo (it's close to the road in the Harbour). #happyme

17 February 2017

Yesterday we had Porto Katsiki completely to our own 😍 #wintertourists So... who needs a bikini ? First pics were a little cloudy but then the weather was gracious with us.

16 February 2017

METEORA - World Cultural Heritage Stunning nature, landscapes und the fascinating monasteries, which where founded in the 14. century. I was completely captivated by that unutterable beauty. We almost spent the whole day up there, from time to time relaxing on a few rocks, warmed up by the sun. You should really watch your step sitting right next to the "canyons"!

15 February 2017

Waking up to the beach - having breakfast in the snow This is how we role 😄 We actually wanted to go for a hike but it's quite impossible in February 900 m above the sea level on Mount Olympus - The Olymp - where Zeus supposedly lived (or lives ? 😏). So we made a detour to Kokkino Nero - the middle of nowhere - to have lunch and then back to Meteora. Tomorrow's the day - monasteries here I come!
We woke up, saw the sun rising above the sea and after 1 or 2 hours we finally got up and enjoyed the beach with absolutely nobody there but us (probably because even polar bears would find it too cold 😂)

14 February 2017

To endure the cold and rainy weather we slept two nights in a lovely hotel in Edessa "Hagiati" - very recommendable! We visited the "Kataraktes" waterfalls and took a baths in the natural hot springs of Loutraki (nice small village near Edessa). AND: Kittens everywhere 😍😍

12 February 2017

So here's just a fast pic of the Meteora Rocks after a night in the car around 0 degrees. Because of the bad weather we decided to take a trip to Thessaloniki (fail, but I got some rad shots from that river) and now we're on our way to Edessa - praying for better weather - and looking forward to see the famous waterfalls "Kataraktes".

10 February 2017

Yesterday we reached Delphi and Itea (freaking cold!). After the first night in our sleeping bags in the car we're about to visit the temple of Apollon and the rest of Delphi's sanctuary.

9 February 2017

Today we finally saw the acropolis with all its temples and tripping hazards 😄 Afterwards we "climbed" up the Filopappou Hill. AMAZING VIEW inkl. Pireaus and perfect weather. Right now we're having Greek wine (again) and enjoying our pics we took today. I love Athens.

8 February 2017

The charming harbour district of Athens - Piraeus. With all its contrariness and discrepancies, modern villas on one side of the street and some abandoned barracks on the other, I really loved the flair of this township.
First sightseeing tour (daylight) 👏🏽 So excited to see the Theater of Herodes. Also check out my instagram "jetlaglove"
Straight after breakfast (at 11:30 am 😄 in a tiny Café on Drakou street #Barou) we walked up to the Acropolis to have this amazing view over the city. We decided to visit all the temples step by step tomorrow because this season they're only open until 3 pm.
Our first night in Athens - Greece We arrived at 10:50 pm at the international airport and 2 hours later we're sitting in this lovely cafe/ bar 🍷