Vietnam · 11 Days · 66 Moments · December 2018

Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay 2018

18 December 2018

Was walking around the street before going to the airport and chanced upon the Traditional Handicraft Museum by accident.

17 December 2018

Had dinner at Pizza 4P’s. It was an acclaimed pizza place in Hanoi. It was so popular that reservation had to be made to get a place. The pizza was soooo good. The hand crafted pizza was excellent. Mamma Mia 😘
Lazy day in Hanoi. Didn’t do much except shop, eat and massage. Went back to Duong2 Restaurant. The waiters remembered us. Gave us a welcome drink for returning to the restaurant. Just like the first time, the service was impeccable. Had another wonderful meal there.

16 December 2018

The Night Market.
On land. At the filming set of King Kong, Skull island.
Tried rowing the boat. It was tiring.
Trang An Scenery. It is also known as the Halong of the land.
Reached Trang An. Getting ready for the boat trip.
Bell tower in Bai Ninh Pagoda.
At Ninh Binh Province.

15 December 2018

Dinner at Duong’s 2 restaurant. Although It is slightly more pricey than other street food, it was one of the best meal in Hanoi. I enjoyed the ambience, excellent service and fantastic food.
Trying out the drip coffee at Trung Nguyên Legend cafe. Coffee No. 8 and Weasel coffee.
Street view from Avalon BBQ Garden restaurant.
Busy, busy street and vendors selling stuff.
Wet market in Hanoi.
On the way to Dong Xuân Market. Busy street.

14 December 2018

Had Bun Bo Nam Bo (grilled beef salad) for dinner. Very yummy.
The Temple of Literature. It was Vietnam’s first University. It was built more than one thousand years ago.
A tablet that recorded 3 thousands scholars that passed the exams from the emperor.
The One Pillar Pagoda.
Visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. It was closed today. Went to walk around the surroundings. Saw the place where Ho Chi Minh stayed when he was President of Vietnam.
Cars President Ho Chi Minh used.
Hanoi full day tour. Started at the Tran Quoc Pagoda.

13 December 2018

Banh mi again 😃 Visited Bami Bread again to buy Banh Mi for supper.
Dinner at Pho Suong. Soup was delicious. Beef was tender.
Had egg coffee at the much raved Giang Cafe. Mum advertising the coffee for them 😂
Goodbye Paradise Cruise and Halong Bay.
Beautiful scenery.
Went to the sun deck of Paradise Elegance Cruise ship. It was drizzling and windy but the visibility is better.
Mum learning to take selfie on the sun deck.

12 December 2018

Sumptuous dinner onboard the cruise 😍
Weather was not very good. Raining and foggy.
Lime stones, stalagmites in the Sung Kot Cave. Interesting formation.
Sung Kot Cave
On the way to Sung Kot Cave.
Taking a small boat to Sung Kot cave @ Surprise Cave.
Beautiful scenery from the cabin.
Arrived at Halong Bay. Boarded Paradise Elegance Cruise.

11 December 2018

The H’mongs gathered together to weave their handicrafts. The muddy road leading to end of tour.
My tour guide for the hike. She hike through the paddy fields and Lao cai village with her 6 months old baby. A total of 12km.
While walking through Lao Cai village, saw a family of ducks in the paddy field or what’s left if it after the harvest.
Day 2 of Sapa tour. Due to slippery and muddy condition of the hiking trek, opted for an easier path. Skipped the hike through paddy field and took a ride to Lao Cai village. But the scenery is still breathtaking despite the weather.
First bowl of chicken pho.

10 December 2018

Dinner at Eden Boutique Hotel in Sapa.
A native (H’mong) lady of Sapa weaving.
Narrow and uneven path throughout Cat Cat Village.
More from Cat Cat Village.
Cat cat village in Sapa
Arrived in Sapa Valley. Visibility is very Low. Not able to see the scenery.
Street of Sapa town
First meal in Sapa. Liked the grilled pork. The chicken was a little too creamy for my taste.

9 December 2018

Ended our dinner with the egg coffee at Cafe Dinh. Egg coffee is very tasty. Creamy, sweet and rich in flavour.
Ate some Vietnamese spring rolls and fried food. Very delicious. Can’t really remember where was the restaurant. It was very hard to find without a local bringing us.
Tried Bun Cha. Very appetising.
Tried Banh Cuon. It is like Zhu Chang fen in Singapore but dipped in fish sauce and had chicken and pork filling.
Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich). Yummy👍 Start of our food tour in Old Quarters.
Went for a short exploration around the hotel. Found our way to Hoan Kiem Lake.
Oriental Central Hotel Received a nice welcome drink and lotus seed candies upon arrival. Very good service from the hotel.