Vietnam · 3 Days · 28 Moments · June 2017

Trip 7 Vietnam

26 June 2017

Wanna see this!
What cinema offers in Vietnam
Want these for Elo!
Some amazing food, tried Frog for first time - was yummy
Our place to stay in Vietnam.
Having breakfast... Picture funny colour due to the umbrella!

25 June 2017

People put hammocks everywhere here
Common here to have kids on bikes
Vietnamese baguettes The French introduced baguettes to Vietnam, which were then combined with Vietnamese stuffing to become a popular fast food in Vietnam called bánh mì and known overseas as “Vietnamese baguettes", though different from the French counterpart in that the baguette is normally made entirely of rice  They are so yummy, crispy on outside and soft inside. Our one had chicken and salad with a good kick of chilli. Cost only 50p!
More seaside views
Hmm didn't know they opened here....
Around seaside town
Trip to the seaside
On Catamaran to seaside
Bikes are everywhere here they dominate for sure
Didn't get chance to try but lots of KFC here
So many people selling selling selling
The food
Lapping up the freshly squeezed passion fruit juice and coconut iced coffee
Found awesome place for lunch near the market
Ben Thanh market. Aisles and aisles of trinkets and foods... need to haggle though
Walking around the complex
Pool on our complex
Bakery on our complex

24 June 2017

On plane to Vietnam
Food at airport