Austria · 6 Days · 22 Moments · April 2016

Viennese partying

5 May 2016

On hearing the news that Cat potentially would visit Jonah we decided to clean and tidy for the occasion. It's also a great opportunity for you to see the absolute palace on wheels we have. Don't be too jel. Cat did visit and we got a pat on the back for it being clean. Next stop was to have lunch in Hungary, that might sound a long way to go for lunch but actually... It's only 20mins down the road! So... New country it is.

4 May 2016

We cycled into the centre of Rust.. The first cycle. Felt cool. And found these two for wines. Quickly took this selfie and sent it to the parents to ensure they were jealous.
It was time to leave Vienna. And this could only mean one thing for Jon's handle bar. It was time to be removed. We drove a whole hour out of Vienna to the lovely village of Rust to shave off the beast. Also to meet up with Cat and Chris for drinks that evening as it's a bank holiday tomorrow (on a Thursday... Weird). I can once again fancy my husband and not live in fear that someone would mistake him for some kind of soviet resurgent.

3 May 2016

We wandered the streets of Vienna until it was sadly time for Fi to leave for Berlin. Which reminds me. Earlier in the day my Mum had asked where Fi was headed next. Her reply of "Berlin" in a strong New Zealand accent had Mum replying "oh right, bellin" before she realised what Fi meant. This woman lived in New Zealand for the best part of 5 years! It was so lovely to see Fi, next time will be our trip in February to New Zealand!
This morning we were awoken by my parents arriving on camp. Awkwardly appearing from our bed we had to leap into action. Dad had kindly appeared to help look at our failing hot water system. After an hour of fiddling it was declared a lost cause and everyone dispersed. As its Fi's last day in Vienna we set about spending the day with her. Her one request was to visit the butterfly house, very cute. I was surprisingly scared of the butterflies flying about in my face. No idea why. It gave Jon the opportunity to call me an idiot again though!

2 May 2016

There was even a bread man and a cheese man! I've never had cheese like it. I'll likely dream about this evening for at least 3 years. Maybe more.
Playing it seamlessly cool we effortlessly blended in with the stylish business types and hip media companies adorning the restaurant. Probably. This dinner was simply the best I've ever had. No jokes. We had wine pairings and 6 courses plus all the extra bits. The flavours were exquisite and the performance and mastery in the display and serving utterly marvellous.
The main event was this evening - an epic meal planned at Mraz & Sohn (2 Michelin star don't you know...) A lift selfie to kick start the evening was required.
This one was expensive to plan for cat's birthday. A snake!! A wild snake on our walk around the palace. I've never seen a wild one in Europe before. In fact before this year I had never seen a wild snake ever in the wild. This dude is my fifth! Very unexpected, he was huge.
Cat requested a nature themed birthday so we arranged red squirrels, jackdaws, pigeon fly pasts and sparrows to appear at intervals throughout the day (or so we led her to believe... Don't worry, silly family joke that doesn't reproduce well). We wandered the grounds of beautiful schronbrun palace. We've been many times before but it never gets old.
The big day for the sister - the big 3-0. Here she is getting her highly expensive gift from Chris the lucky devil!

1 May 2016

After lunch Fi met some friends in the town centre whilst we lay around in a heap watching a rubbish film at the apartment. We arranged to meet back at the van at a certain time - imagine our shock when Fi got on our train in the right carriage. Actually. No need to imagine. Here's a selfie to prove it happened.
Everyone knows the way to work off a good hangover is to dress up as the Von Trapps and eat loads of pig. Ok maybe that's just us. We got the bus to this lovely Austrian restaurant and on the way back a tiny little old lady complimented me on my dirndl. She then proceeded to chat away in German. Thankfully Fi and Cat could engage in conversation. I smiled and nodded like I knew everything she was saying.
Jon got compliments all night on his epic handle bar. However, when I woke up this morning to this... It sunk in. My husband has a 1990s porn star moustache and not in a good way. Oh god help me.
The wig was hot. The contacts were hard to get out. So worth it. Incase you wondered what I looked like without the wig on and just the contacts I kindly took this selfie at nearly 3am for you all. You know, just incase. Was a great party!! Finally got to bed after ten minutes of poking my eyes.

30 April 2016

And here we are, the finished product. I've gone in disguise with coloured contacts and a wig. The contacts took half an hour to put in... It's not easy at all! My sister looked beautiful as ever, standard! Having met a lot of Cat's Viennese crew before I was amused when people didn't recognise me. I fooled them all. Not sure why I went in disguise... Was fun though!
Most of today was centred on party preparations. This also included Jon saying goodbye to the infamous travelling beard and the most fabulous opportunity to sport a handle bar. The boy's dream.
Being truly spoiled this weekend we managed to work it that my very good friend Fi was able to visit Vienna at the same time. AND she's been brave enough to be our first guest on Jonah. Fi is a school friend from New Zealand. It wasn't long before I was sounding silly again. We met up with the fam in Naschmarkt for Brunch and then wandered about looking at the over priced tat. Tonight it's Cat's party, which is prohibition 1920s themed. Fi found a feather that would work with her outfit in the market. However... The woman wanted 10 euros for it and wouldn't reduce below 5. I mean I think I need to get into the feather trade!
Having a 45min trip back to the van from the apartment meant quite a late night. Ok ok and the high quantities of booze consumed the night before hurt my head a little this morning. Another selfie to prove the hangover. Wait... Nobody needed that.

29 April 2016

Amusingly only one photo was taken this afternoon, and that was Chris pouring out the first bottle of bubbles at Cat (sister) and Chris's (brother in law) apartment. As its my sister's 30th this weekend my parents also joined us (but they flew down, sensible choice). Many, many more bottles were poured. The rest is history and better left to the imagination.
Jonah and Jon successfully navigated (I helped) their way through Vienna to a city campsite right on the metro line. The sun came out to warm us up which was extremely welcome after the cold days in Germany travelling here. Again, an excited selfie was taken to prove this all happened.