Austria · 3 Days · 18 Moments · September 2016

Vienna, Austria

15 September 2016

More of the garden and palace
The gardens in Vienna. This was amazing. The grounds were huge and I'm sure would be very easy to get lost in. The local people often use it to workout. The views was beautiful!! I wish we had enough time to explore the entire grounds

14 September 2016

Last night we we got gelato! So so good!!!
Dinner: Kacie and I split a German pizza and beef mango salad. delicious and I was still hungry!!
At the center of town there was a mountain to climb to the remains of an old church. It was the most gorgeous view of the valley!!
Today we went in an all day winery bike your throughout the Wachua valley! It was one of the best ideas we've had on this trip! We grabbed a train out to the country side where we then hopped on bikes are road through the mountains of Austria. The hills are definitely alive with the sound of music! We stopped at two separate winery's. Between the two stops we stopped in the center of town of lunch.

13 September 2016

Tonight we went to the Wiener Residenzorchester Konzert! It was an opera/ballet/orchestra. So cool. It was an hour and half concert that I was able to recognize a majority of the songs from grade school or movies. As for the singing, I couldn't understand a word. But it was still beautiful and they did an amazing job!
Last two pictures is of Mozart's flat
Today we went on a free walking tour of the city. It is HUGE compared to Prague! We probably didn't even cover half the city in the tour. But the things we did see were really cool. We saw the building were Mozart lived and raised his family in Vienna and toured a palace. Cafes are a huge deal in this city and getting a coffee and a pastry is "the thing to do." I am definitely a pro using the underground now! More pictures to come
Breakfast day 1 at the hostel in Vienna. Yogurt with cereal and banana and green tea. They also had ham and cheese to put on bread. And Nutella! Nutella is a big breakfast thing in Europe. The hostel in Prague also provided Nutella to put on your pancakes in the morning.

12 September 2016

Taking a shower was a whole new experience... I was washing up and all of the sudden the water shuts off. The faucet doesn't turn on it off, you have to push it in. So I push it again and the water comes back on... Only to have to shut back off again in 30 seconds. So basically the shower was like one of the sink faucets that you have to push down to turn on and then shuts off on its own. And then to top it all off, 3 times throughout the shower the light in the bathroom shut off. Motion activated, I had to keep opening the shower door to turn it back on. If you couldn't already tell, I'm pretty sure Vienna is a very energy/water conserving country.
We ate dinner at Mozart's, just down the way from our hostel. Ordered a schnitzel with potato salad and it was delicious!! The schnitzel is like a pounded piece of pork (as if you were to prepare chicken cordon bleu) and fried. The potato salad is not like typical Grandma Fairchild potato salad. More like cut up, peeled, hot potato in a vinaigrette type seasoning, by served cold. It was soo good! Afterwards we split an apple strudel and pancakes for dessert. The pancakes were more like crepes with nuttella and powdered sugar. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Don't worry I'll know how to make my bed by the time I come home Dad!
We arrived to Vienna at 1830 on Monday, 9/12. Sorry no pictures yet because my phone died on the train. But don't worry, more to come!!! The hostel room we are staying is probably a little bit smaller than Carly and Taylor's room at home. We have two bunk beds and a private bathroom. Thankfully this room has a ceiling fan because Prague does not believe in AC for some reason.