United States of America · 3 Days · 44 Moments · November 2017

Victors Voyage Across the USA

27 November 2017

Atlast I’m home. 43 hours, 2700 miles, 3 days and 7 states. THATS ALL FOLKS! Thanks to everyone who followed my journey :)
Sunsets in Cali >
At last my beautiful California 😌
Welcome to NOWHERE, USA, aka Gila Bend aka el CARAJO BOTAO πŸ˜…
Finally passed Phoenix Arizona 😎 heading straight to San Diego!
Quick stop to find a Scorpion πŸ¦‚
Just got into Arizonaaaaa flyingggggg
Desert Sunrise. 😌
And just after I posted the last blog before this, God gave me a gift to share with you.
As I approach El Paso, I began to see these large shadows in the distance. These monoliths appear the deepest of pure black that I’ve ever seen, coated against the background of a dark grey moon lit sky. Such a view of these mountains that’s so dark, that I can only capture with my eyes.
Just entered the mountain time zone.
ALAS!!! I have arrived to the town of Fort Stockton, aka FORT NADA. Because they aint nothin hea!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜† Contemplating the drive to El Paso(240 miles) after chugging a full cup of coffee....I don’t forsee myself being able to sleep.
Power nap complete! Now for Fort Stockton.
Eyes are starting to get heavy...time to stop and get some rest.

26 November 2017

First thing I noticed about Houston...the amount of photographers and photo shoots going on?! I’ve seen 4 so far in 10 mins. Interesting. πŸ“·
Ladies and Gents, I present to you Houston Texas. 😌
Bridge into Texas from Louisiana !!
As I start to feel the heat of Texas increasingly ever so slowly as I head towards the end of Louisiana, I start to reminisce the esthetic of artistry that permeated the city of New Orleans. From the live music in every other bar to the artist market of Bourbon Street, I felt amongst my people. I definitely need to come back and spend more time there! 😌
Loads of nothingggg
Some pics of the king suite I got hooked up with in NOLA 😁
Good morning New Orleans 😌

25 November 2017

Well deserved.
Atlast, staying in the French Quarter of New Orleans 😌
Finally passing Mobile ALABAMA! Mini city looks a lot nicer than expected! 3 towers lit the same color 😊
**CURRENT TRACK** Feel So Close - Nero Remix
Bathroom break! FREEZING MY ASS OFF!
Just entered the central time zone and time went back and hour! Definitely a help for the trip ahead lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Finally passed Tallahassee and got the gift of cotton candy skies 😌
After 2 hours of traffic and a pit stop, I’m finally on the I 10!
Pit stop πŸ˜…
Orlando innnnn
Heavy foggg
First bathroom break 😁
...just lost all radio stations....now it’s time for Spotify.
In a world where technology rules over all, we are constantly distracted. Most of us never take the time to just observe the earth. One thing I loved witnessing was the transition of the colors from night to sunrise to daytime. It’s as if someone slowly starts turning up the vibrancy of your surroundings. And with my eyes stuck on the road, I saw it happen second by second.
The essentials for any road trip! And it begins!!