Iran · 14 Days · 6 Moments · December 2016

Tehran, Esfahan & Shiraz

22 December 2016

Back home in Tehran; endless good food and company with family friends. Milad Tower, Yalda night, a meal in the mountains, and exploring the city. If you're coming to Iran learn poker, backgammon, draughts or chess beforehand

13 December 2016

Shiraz; nice to swap the pine trees of chilly Tehran for the palm trees of the warm south. Early morning visit to the Pink Mosque (go at 10am, tourist-free zone) and Qavam House. Making pals with our 2 taxi drivers who we've essentially rented for two days
Persepolis; exploring the 2500 year old remains of the once Persian Empire.

11 December 2016

Road trip from Tehran to Esfahan through the beautiful desert. Stunning mosques and souks @ Imam Square

9 December 2016

Day 1; Golestan Palace (meaning Palace of Flowers), Tehran. Getting accustomed to my hijab and the chaotic Iranian driving-style
Arriving in Tehran; pistachios, pomegranate and endless Chai. 4am spread made by our lovely family, lots to catch up on after 6 months apart