China · 7 Days · 10 Moments · February 2015

Victoria's Spring Break in Xi'an

5 March 2015

Last full day in Xi'an. Michael, who hosted me when I visited Xi'an 6 years ago, took my friends and I around the city. We ended the day with karaoke. 🎤

5 March 2015

Terra cotta warriors and chinese massages. 👍👍

4 March 2015


2 March 2015

Made a friend and ate so much street food...let's hope I don't get sick 😋

1 March 2015

Today was one thing after another. Orientation. Dumplings. Cycling the city wall. Lecture from Hu Wugong. Late night Pizza Hut (worst service ever). Learned a new idiom today too! 人山人海 。Literally "people mountain people sea", it means a huge crowd of people.

28 February 2015

Our welcome dinner was at a 24hr hot pot restaurant. We ordered on an iPad and were provided aprons! 😱
The group is pretty stoked about the selfie stick, so hopefully there are many more selfies to come ✌️
Successfully ordered lunch for my friends and I in broken Chinese. 牛肉面+汽水=17元(<$3)
Xi'an bound, and it's snowing in Beijing! I'm on a roll with these window seats.

26 February 2015

Lucky enough to get a window seat by the wing. Unlucky enough to get seated separate from the rest of the group...