Australia · 2 Days · 6 Moments · December 2018

Vicky's adventure in Perth, Australia

26 December 2018

Back to Anna's, prepare for our hot pot dinner!! We have lettuce, guy lan, tofu, fish and pork balls, pork, luncheon meat, oyster mushrooms, enoki with sesame sauce & chilli sauce Delicious!!!
Tonight we had hot pot for dinner so headed to Spudshed to buy food and grocery. This is a supermarket that support local farmers with some produces cheaper than other supermarkets. Found this brussel sprouts tree there.... Have never seen one before
Lunch time!! At first we were going to go to the island but on the way it started raining so decided to jump into the Reverley at Elizabeth quay for lunch. Ordered Turkish bread entrée, beer battered barramundi and chips, miso salmon poke bowl and beef burger and a hot choc ∼$96 inc surcharge. Food was ok. After lunch, headed across the bridge before walking back to buy donuts then back to car

25 December 2018

Anna drove us to a street not too far too see Christmas lights. Most of the houses in that street had Christmas light decorations - very pretty
Next stop: Kings park and botanical gardens A short drive from st Mary's cathedral, kings park offers a panoramic view of Perth city. There's different areas you can visit and a cafe for food. We spent quite some time here taking portrait photos which our Samsung phones didn't have this feature. Free parking. Lots of ppl here on Christmas day.
Our first stop was to eat. We drove to 8 on the point which wasn't far for yum cha. It's pay parking there $3/hr. It's located next to a lake so there was a bit of a view. We ordered prawn dumpling, siu mai, stir fried turnip cake, sesame duck buns, 叉燒包, Shanghai dumplings, chicken feet, deep fried octopus tentacles + surcharge and a beer = ∼$106 Overall, it was ok, environment was good and only a short wait.