Canada · 7 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Canada 2017

15 August 2017

14th August Day 7: Mont Royal Today we took a bus to the top of Mount Royal, checked out the views, had a picnic and a short walk. We also went to a museum and later on we walked around the city for a bit and had dinner at an Indian restaurant.
13th August Day 6: Montreal We spent most of the day on the road to Montreal, visiting a very beautiful church in downtown Montreal. We stayed at the house for a bit and went out for tea to a sweet cafe type place that served poutine which is basically chips with gravy and toppings.

13 August 2017

12th August Day 5: Kayaking Today we went kayaking around the 1000 islands, which there aren't 1000 of, there are 1865. It was really beautiful and the actual kayaking wasn't difficult and was quite relaxing, we were with 2 other men and another woman called Marian who we had a drink with afterwards. We stopped off on one of the islands for lunch that our guide, Tod, made for us, it was very substantial and tasty. We saw some turtles on the way back and finished at around 4:30 and after going for a drink we went back to the hotel. In the evening we went to a local restaurant called the Maple Leaf and I had a BLT sandwich. We then went back to the hotel for the night.

12 August 2017

11 August 2017

11th August Day 4: Gananoque We left our house in Toronto and set off to a hotel in Gananoque where we'll be staying for two nights. It took a while but we arrived at the hotel which is very basic with a room for mum and dad, and a room for Ben and I, its also attached to a Chinese restaurant and is run by Chinese management. We walked down to the river side through the town and saw a black snake by the river, along with lots of Canadian Geese. We had tea at a classic Canadian pub type place with good food and friendly staff. We then came back to the rooms and I have been watching crappy TV and listening to music before going to bed.

10 August 2017

10th August Day 3: Niagara Falls We had a very stressful drive to London (not the real London, the wannabe Canadian London), which took about 2 hours longer than anticipated due to crappy maps and rash decisions, but eventually we made it to Niagara Falls National Park. After more stressing sorting out our tickets due to parents not knowing how to use mobile phones we did the touristy things as expected, a 4D short film experience where we got soaked, a walk through tunnels behind the Falls, and a short cruise around and up to the Falls, which was really magnificent and I managed to get a few great photos. We also had our first Tim Horton's and some very over priced drinks and ice creams. The Falls were beautiful and seeing them was definitely something I'd recommend. The journey home was slightly less stressful and we managed to get a roasted chicken for chicken and potato sandwiches when we got back which really hit the spot after a long day.
Trip to Niagara Falls

9 August 2017

9th August Day 2: Toronto city Spent walking around the city, stopping off at places like China town, the only castle in Toronto and it's gardens surrounding, st Laurence food market and Lake Ontario. We walked most of the day, stopping off at a pub for soft drinks where I discovered the best lemonade in the world, we also got hot dogs from a street stall and food from a pub/restaurant type place, I had buffalo wings and they were utter crap, I really disliked them but now I know! Tool the subway back to near our house and stopped off at a supermarket and fruit stand on the way back.