Mexico · 10 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Our Trip to Mexico

5 August 2017

2 August 2017

For our final day in Playa Del Cramer, we spent the morning doing some shopping in the downtown 5th Avenue section. Needed some souvenirs for some special people. Afterwards we enjoyed our beautiful resort and stayed in the beach. For dinner, Chuck planned a private dinner for two on the beach at around 3 that day, a group of employees started building us a small "hut" for our dinner. It was the absolute perfect ending to a perfect trip. Dinner was 4 courses and started with a champagne toast.

1 August 2017

Today we did a full day tour with a small group. Our tour guide Arturo was great. He did the tour in all languages needed, very impressive. We started at Junga Maya, which is a nature adventure park. We did 5 different zip lines, repelled into a cenote (under water river in a cave) snorkeled in the cenote , experienced a Mayan purification ceremony and ate a traditional Mayan lunch. The zip lining was both terrifying and exhilarating. The denote was so beautiful (and cold) but very dark and made me feel claustrophobic, I didn't like the bats either. We weren't allowed our cameras here, but there were photographers to capture some of the moments. After Junga Maya, we traveled to Tulum. Tulum is an ancient Mayan city with the ruins of temples and houses. When you first arrive, it is very touristy with a market and vendors trying to sell you everything. Once you get to the ruins, Arturo told us all the history. We then decided as a group to hit the beach, Tulum was unbelievably hot.

31 July 2017

We were looking forward to finding the right cooking class from the moment we decided to come here. Let's say we weren't disappointed. Coty and her staff were exceptional. The "school" was in her home and we felt like instant friends from the moment we met. Her son even came down and introduced himself and offered us some beverages. The menu was three courses. All the chopping was prepped ahead of time. Coty explained all steps and some background of each dish. We even had lesson on different types of peppers and tequila and Mezcal. We can't wait to makes these dishes at home 1st course: timbal of ceviche, mango, avocado & sweet potato with a chipotle alino Main course: fish and shrimp in anchiote wrapped in banana leaves served with xnipec sauce and rice Dessert; flambé Bananas in creamy rompope sauce with ice cream

30 July 2017

Sunday was another relaxing day at the beach and an evening in town for dinner. We've only eaten authentic Mexican or Mayan food while here and we have enjoyed everything we've tried and eaten. During the day we did some kayaking on the ocean. It was quick since I easily became a little nauseous. We finally saw a spider money right above our villa. Dinner was topped off with a mariachi band, mariachi should mean happy, those were the happiest musicians I've ever seen

28 July 2017

Friday was such a fun day. We decided to conquer our fear and go parasailing. I was worried about the boat ride but thankful I didn't get sick. Once I was calm, I definitely enjoyed it. What a view, what a rush. Baby was so happy and relaxed up there. Smiling, laughing, taking pictures and of course hold my hand. I just wish it didn't thunder while I was up there, I'm so scared of thunder. Once we were back down we ate a lovely lunch right on the beach. Then we went snorkeling. The fish were everywhere. So beautiful, so many colors. At night we headed into downtown Playa Del Carmen. It's like Times Square back in the 80s. Loud, kind of crowded and lots of shopping. So many restaurants to choose from. Tonight we ate at Axiote, a place we found on yelp. It was amazing.

26 July 2017

Upon landing in Cancun, we went through immigration which was very quick. Grabbed our bags, then headed to customs. Another very quick experience. Press the red button and you are in. We found our ride which we set up ahead of time. Easy ride maybe 40 minutes. Our hotel is hidden behind some others and when we first pulled in, I immediately looked at Chuck to confirm we were in the right place. We were greeted by a concierge in the out door lobby who offered us a traditional Mayan drink of lemon grass and coconut. We were given a tour of the whole place, which included a Mayan cleansing ritual when we stopped at the spa. Our villa is one of 41, none of which are connected. It included an outdoor shower and plunge pool. The hotel has a "jungle" feel, monkeys could be spotted. The view is breathtaking and the place is peaceful and no kids allowed. A late lunch early dinner with some cocktails closed our day and of course a quick walk on the beach