Canada, Portugal · 38 Days · 62 Moments · July 2016

Let go let's go - Our first stop in Portugal

17 August 2016

Best dinner in Coimbra: Octopus (lula) and cod (bacalhau) . Finished off with a pudding specific to the area/monastery - Santa Clara

15 August 2016

A typical dinner in Coimbra: Caldo verde soup, sardines, and goat stew (chanfana)
Coimbra from a distance

11 August 2016

Beautiful garden hidden in Aveiro

10 August 2016

Treat specific to Aveiro: Tripa. Pillowed crepe with different fillings inside. I chose ovos moles of course (egg custard).

9 August 2016

Bikes that are free to rent so you can ride across the city!

8 August 2016

Finally tried the local treat from Aveiro: ovos moles! Couldn't help getting some other baked goods too ;)
Aveiro: Full of canals

6 August 2016

Backstage access to a free concert featuring Deolinda! What are the chances!
Seafood festival in Costa Nova. Seafood fresh from the ocean. YUM

4 August 2016


3 August 2016

Mike's feeling saudade because the clouds keep disappearing as he takes photos
Mike has a hard time asking for a large coffee! Finally he gets using English... Lol apparently it's duplo cafe or "double coffee"
Why Guimaraes? Because Portugal was born here.

2 August 2016

The pastries of Portugal. You can never stop eating!
Waiting for the train to Guimaraes. Getting around Portugal without a car. All the locals we met told us to rent a car, but we are insistent in trying to take mostly local transport all the way.
Our home for 5 days in the village of Ermida right inside the park. We had wonderful hosts who told us a lot about the area, the village, and the people. - Ermida Camping

1 August 2016

No mosquitos but lots of flies! Fly catching in the cottage!
Canyoning above Arado falls. Jumps and repelling. *Whew* it was tiring!!

31 July 2016

Finally some real food!! So much hiking, not enough carbs.

30 July 2016

Hiking and posing
We hiked a lot!!! The Arado falls didn't have too much water in the summertime and was a bit crowded in the afternoon, but you can't beat dipping in the cool water after a long hike!!
Just thought of something... Uber horse!! It could work??

29 July 2016

Making due with the food we brought. Sliced bread and everything out of a can!!
Portugal's only national park: Geres. Hiking to a small waterfall we had all to ourselves. We even found fishes that eat your dead skin like in Asia!!

28 July 2016

Found a cool t-shirt store: Typographia. They have a few stores in Spain and Portugal featuring local and artistic designs. Gotta love the gangsta lucky cat!

27 July 2016

Porto and all its beauty.
Looked for a cute place that sells petiscos - love the variety!!

26 July 2016

After listening to local authentic fado, we took a small boat across the river to eat, ofcourse!

25 July 2016

Suckling pig and a tripe dish. Yum!

24 July 2016

Invited to watch the Branford Marsallis quartet f. Kurt Ellis at Casa da Musica. We brought along new friends who were so grateful to be invited. We actually got to meet the guys after the show!

23 July 2016

Eating is what we do. Amazing take-out in Porto. This whole dinner only cost 11 euros!!

22 July 2016

When in Porto, you go to the beach with new friends!

19 July 2016

Sintra is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. <3 The main attraction here: Palacio Nacional de Pena. Like a Disney castle with beautiful gardens.

18 July 2016

Sintra: Quinta da Regaleira is not on the main tourist route, though it makes it that much more special. Amazingly beautiful space and gardens with secrets to discover.
First francesinha of Portugal in lovely Sintra. Actually super delicious at this restaurant and super affordable!! Bread-cheese-meat-bread-cheese with a tomato and beer sauce. Doesn't look pretty but tastes pretty great!
Portugal menus: Did you know the mains always come with sides but they don't bother writing them into the menu. When you get fish, it usually comes with steamed potatoes and fries usually comes with meat.
Away we go! At the station to Sintra
When you can't have Timmie's, you get the next best thing.
Moving on from Lisboa > Sintra The backpacker's life.

17 July 2016

Yes. Flavours: strawberry and commercial radio
Delicious but get here as soon as it opens!! Long waits but amazing seafood... Pateo 13
Look who found instant noodles!!
Surprisingly really good food at the street cafe #bananacafe

16 July 2016

Views from Castelo S. Jorge
Taste like Chinese coconut bun! Bolo bao

14 July 2016

Tower de Belem. Waiting for the sun to set.
Couldn't help it! A little taste of home. Worth noting: they have a bifani burger as their local option.
Tina on tins on tins: sardines, mackarel, codfish, octopus, in many different flavours.
Finding graffiti that has something to say on today's walk.
Eating the much talked about bifani. Simple, juicy and only 1.90 euro!

13 July 2016

Always hunting for a great cafe. We definitely found one! Hard to find as there is no sign! 2nd floor up.

12 July 2016

And then some food. Would completely recommend this restaurant! Delicious and cozy. Pork head pate, fish and clams (not pictured)
Taking a free walking tour. Best tour guide I've ever had!
Eating at the food market: Mercado da Ribeira. Lots of food to choose from! We ate croquetes and suckling pork. Tons of tourists but still delicious.
Taking a walk in Praça do Comércio.

11 July 2016

Taking a break with some much needed food. Then onto coffee and tea! Fabrica coffee house is a cool spot to sit and enjoy.
Metro tap card. 0.50 euro plus top up. We are ready to get around!
Portugal won the Euro cup today!! How will it be when we get there? Ready to celebrate!
Ready to fly!!
Note to self: Sata airlines has no screens or charging stations.
YYZ > LIS Three bags, one year of travel. Let go, let's go!