United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Shaffer's adventure in Hawaii! September 2017

18 September 2017

American Airlines flight to Phoenix Arizona. Newish plane, clean and comfortable. A bit restrictive in the leg room department. Attentive flight crew. Landed early but had to wait for an open gate. Ended up being a half hour late off the plane. Nice longgg walk to the next gate. AA FLIGHT TO KOA Airport. Kona Hawaii! Longer plane, paid extra money for more leg room! 6 hour flight! In flight movie. Made me think of Zach! Diary of a wimpy kid. Nice flight crew. Hard to sit so long. Keep thinking of the final destination! Not sure how many hours left to fly...
We left home a little before 5 AM to make the little over an hour drive to the Indianapolis International Airport. Economy parking in the "back 50" for $9 dollars a day. Quick shuttle ride to the terminal. Boarding pass in hand, dropping off our 1 piece of checked baggage for $25 dollars. We weighed the bag at home, a few times! 48 pounds! The limit is 50 pounds or more moola. Like a hundred more! Yikes. I took out shampoo, conditioner, and a full can of hairspray. We will pull out more at the airport if needed. Scale shows 48 pounds at check in. Whew! Cute Labrador and his handler greated us at the security check point. He dutifully did his job of smelling each person as they walked by. Fast work through the scanners, shoes on, pockets empty, carry-on on the conveyor and we were on our way to the plane!
Our plane, right side, farthest back. Arizona landscape in the background.