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23 July 2016

LAS VEGAS PART 2 After our two nights in vegas we returned to LA for another 3 nights, but farewelled bazz and allie off on the night of the 23rd at the saddle ranch and then onto some asian restaurant turned late night speak easy after 2am when all the venues in LA can lo longer serve alcohol! Outrageous. So at this restaurant you order 'capuccinos' after 2am and get beers given, strange. And the karaoke was going strong, with bazz front and centre. Me and nick got a good airbnb deal there, but was a weird one, just a one bedroom apartment but 3 sets of bunk double beds, and a double mattress on the floor, so potentially like 13 ppl sharing 1 bathroom. Wowee. Me and nick got some final food fixes before parting ways at the airport on the morning of the 25th. Sad time, wont see that fella until like december/january now. But a great week to cap off Sth America together.

20 July 2016

VEGAS CONT. Some more shots of the town. So we were only there 2 nights but wore ourselves out pretty good. Finished with chicken and crepes meal which was tastier than i expected. Would definitely go back here, do a show and stuff like that. So thats a fair endorsement of the place. Not a real R&R sorta town though is it.
LAS VEGAS ill mainly just throw some photos up here, not much to say about the place other than it meets expectations for sure and was an awful lot of fun. We drank a lot, ate a lot, gambled minimally, and spent a shite load. There was a line to check in to the MGM grand which blew me away, and the rooms were so nice for around $150US a night between two so pretty good. The buildings and ostentatiousness of it all was hilarious. Nothing is cheap in this town.

19 July 2016

SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN While in LA we all headed to this theme park and Jimmy came along too which was awesome. It was an awful lot of func even though we'd gotten a little carried away the night before and didnt end up getting to the park until 2pm! Whoops. And when the first line for the rafting ride took an hour and a half and the ride went for about 2 minutes i thought uh ohhh. And it was hot. Desert hot. But the rides only got better from there and we started to perk up a little. We only squeezed like 6 rides in all up cos it closes at 9pm, but we finished on an absolute belter. Unfortunately we didnt get to do the superman cos the line was too big. The giant drop ride was awesome as well as the X2. Next time wont waste time on the 'intermediate' level rides and go straight to the adult shit.

18 July 2016

LOS ANGELES P1 First stop on our little jaunt to LA was an airbnb alex organised in downtown LA (ie the cbd) on 8th and grand which was a really nice apartment. I've gotta say it was really nice getting back into a town with great infrastructure and food and supermarkets and gyms and all that. Would be nice to be able to throw in a week of places like this every few months to remind yourself more of the home comforts. The actual transit to LA from Quito was pretty easy, but we got some serious police attention in quito airport, customs in Mexico is onerous and a pain in the ass, and i copped a customs officer in LA that was a horrible human with a serious power issue barking on about how rude it was of me to the United States and him to turn up without being able to provide an exact accomm address. That was a real sour start. But it was all uphill from there. The sandwiches in LA i reckon are borderline the best thing. We also visited santa monica beach and The Bungalow.