Indonesia, Spain · 22 Days · 24 Moments · August 2015

Viaje de Gui a Indonesia

26 August 2015

Indonesia , c'est fini 😢

25 August 2015

Last day, going to Nusa lombongan , 30min from Bali by boat, trip cost 300.000 rupies per person, we then snorkle on amazing mango beach where for 50.000 we were take to the best "aquarium" ever, it was amazing how many fish and how much variety there was

22 August 2015

Night market at denpasar
Day going to visit the Tanah Lot temple with a previous break on Echo beach for some surfing 😊

20 August 2015

Back in Bali , after the best breakfast ever at Maya's cafe , Relax and some surfing "experience" at amazing Komune Hotel (Kerama beach)

18 August 2015

Today we went to a pearl farm where they breed oysters in order to "grow" pearls. We had a full tour of the farm, the tecnics they use to breed two oyster, male and female to get some eggs (putting then in dangerous conditions close to 60c they think they'll die so they want to procreate) , creating about 20millions baby oysters. From then , it takes 2 years to grow to medium size and that's when they put a "core" inside the wound of the pearl , with some part of another oyster which will activate the creation of the pearl, it takes another two years. We were able to extract one Pearl, pretty amazing 😃

13 August 2015

Lombok! Amazing island, first Kuta in the south for some amazing with empty beaches surfing, and then Sengigi for temples, cascades before we head to Sumatra

10 August 2015

Biking around the island
Dia de la tortuga. Today we've been on a boat cruising around the island to different spots to see turtles, amazing fishes, and blue coral 😃

8 August 2015

Gilo Meno Arrival

7 August 2015

Naughty nuris karung Best ribbs in town 😋
Waking up to the sound of duck , a bit of bicycling around the rice terrasse, a coconut to quench our thirst, watching some rooster fighting, feeding some monkeys and finally sipping a beer and taking a jump in the cristal clear water of our private pool : I'm in heaven

6 August 2015

New ideas para la playa
Very Cold at the Batur volcano
Arrozales, coconut picking and hitting the road on the motorbike
Rice Terrasse
Desayuno en el Puri garden cerca de la piscina

5 August 2015

Concert at the Onion collective
Delicious food at happy onion
Vista desde nuestro hotel a los arrozales
Monkey Forest - Ubud
Ninja noodles
Desayuno en Pandawa beach stayhouse

4 August 2015

Nuestro aparthotel con jardin privado