Honduras · 1 Days · 4 Moments · April 2016

Viaje de Ashlee a Honduras

6 April 2016

Snorkeling at Coral View, Utila The ocean scares me, always has. It's so deep and dark, who knows what's down there. We swam out away from the shore following the natural landscape of the coral. There was heaps of life, colorful fish and coral and the water was crystal clear. I came out of a passage and found myself on the edge, the place where the coral wall drops straight down into the depths and all you can see is deep blue. It reminded me instantly of finding nemo and I started to imagine sharks and nasty barracudas lurking in the shadows. I was overcome with so many emotions while floating in that in between space. I felt so small, overwhelmed by the greatness of the ocean, I felt fear for the same reason, and I felt immensely grateful, being surrounded by such beauty. The world is such an amazing place and we are incredibly lucky!

5 April 2016

Open Water Pt 2 We did 2 dives a day; a training dive and then a fun dive. We saw so many cool things down there! Nurse sharks, very curious moray eels, trumpet fish, crayfish, squid, electric rays, weird spidery crab things, angel fish and so many others and my favourite, eagle rays; such beautiful creatures! I struggled a lot to equalise my ears on the way down. It took me twice as long as everyone else to get to 5m for the confined water training. I also experienced a lot of pain on the way back up. On the last day for our 2 fun dives I didn't make it down. I was a bit congested and had to come back to the surface and wait on the boat with the crazy captain. I snorkeled during the second dive instead, but it was incredible so I wasn't complaining. The doctor in Utila said no more diving as my eardrums were a bit inflamed. I waited for them to heal a little and completed my dives a few days later. We loved Utila so much that we stayed longer and did even more dives. So good!
Open Water with Paradise Divers Pt 1 Learning to dive has always been very much on my 'maybe' list. I love water and swimming, but the ocean scares this shit outta me! But now I know what's down there! It's a whole other world, it's calming and it's beautiful. Tim, Rosie, Marcus & I rocked up to Utila on a Tuesday morning & headed straight for Paradise on recommendation from a few other travelers. Diving with Paradise seemed a little risky; it was the cheapest & probably the dirtiest of the dive schools on Utila & the super relaxed staff don't mind a joint every now & then. Somehow I let all of this go & went with the flow. The four of us seemed to set our own schedule for the course, especially where the theory was concerned, then our super instructor, Miki, took us out to do our 'confined water' exercises out near some of the dive sites. It was a nice bonding experience as we all learnt to flood & clear our masks, remove & replace our gear and share air all under the water.
Utila, Honduras We came with low expectations, but this place is amazing! Clear water, blue skies and great diving. We learnt to dive with Paradise Divers, very close to the main dock. Great vibe, awesome people and such a good deal.