United Kingdom · 1 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

Viaggio di Linda a/in Londra, Regno Unito

5 March 2017

I'd take a plane just to go back to this place. The coolness is oozing out of it, from the fact that it has a recording studio upstairs, to the ever changing cinema letters at the front. A red and brick color scheme complete the picture, especially if paired with gloomy London skies. Also it was the first time I could get my hands on a golden eye coffee and I was pretty excited.

4 March 2017

If the words 'Cheese Melt' do weird things to your mouth this is the place for you. 50s diner atmosphere and incredible food, where you can even slip in a bit of avocado if you fancy. Stop here for bagels or fries topped with every greasy thing you can think of, the closest thing to the infamous In-N-Out American style fries you can find in Europe. Plus, they have outlets at every seat, that together with Camden free wifi, make instagramming their hipster neon sign incredibly easy.
Although the locals will roll the eyes at spending 5 pounds for a bowl of cereal, Cereal Killer is something you need to try at least once in your lifetime, even if only to take a peek at the interiors. Between actual beds as benches, walls of vintage tvs transmitting Sabrina's re runs and walls of rare cereal boxes, this place is instagram heaven. Add some fun 90s music playing and some cute glass milk bottles and you have my heaven. Not to mention the staff is fun, quirky and welcoming, and apparently very excited about cereals. The food itself is also picture perfect and incredibly yummy. These guys know what they were doing when they came up with their cereal cocktails!
If you've never been to Camden, you've never been to London. Piercings, leather shops and street food are what is waiting for you in this tiny magic place. It almost feels like a theme park. A punk, hip theme park. When I was 15 and I stepped in for the first time I was nervous and scared. Now at 21 I got pierced for the first time in one of those weird buildings with figures coming out of them. Come in at 10 am if you want to see how the magic is made.