France · 14 Days · 35 Moments · April 2018

Via Podiensis

19 April 2018

Picnic on reservoir bank, ?14 century Adam and Eve, bike monument to Tour de France, and last of all, my first glimpse of Figeac, where I’ve finished my walk
Many glimpses inside old buildings today: a well, a communal oven, a barn replete with old machinery
Last day on the way. Started early to avoid the heat

17 April 2018

A short walk to Montredon. Loved these stained glass windows in a Chapelle St Roche. Spent the afternoon on the grass at La Mariott...mmmm!
Down the steep streets of Conques across the ancient pilgrim bridge and up up up (almost vertically!) to Chapelle St Foye to ring the bell. After coffee with Monty’s cousin in Noahlihac I saw these beautiful contemporary stained glass windows in anothe Chapelle St Roche. The day was glorious sun all the way. Tonight in Decazville, an old mining town

16 April 2018

A sunny day on the road to Conques with 2 Melbourne women. Conques built in a canyon from pink stone and one of France’s beautiful towns. Note feline pilgrim....

15 April 2018

Short trudge to Golinhac today. Note car cemetery, and grazing chooks(those with good eyes may see them in apparently empty green field!)
Enjoyed Estaing. Some odd sculptures around town 🙃

14 April 2018

St Come through Espaluon to Estaing along the Lot River- with a few very muddy ups (and slides down...)I focused on architecture and green green fields today
More of a Camino family forming. Cecile snapped me with My Korean friends as we left St Come d’Olt. Cecile is a tour leader from Arles who took me through an ancient church and explained all the stone carvings. Also include a gruesome saint story for you!

13 April 2018

Loved St Chely and the chestnut and other forests- but not the steep muddy rocky descents! St Come very quaint. Can you see twisted steeple on church?
Leaving the Aubrac

12 April 2018

I started out across a snow blanketed plateau in mostly glorious sun. Just before I arrived here in Aubrac I napped in the sun but was rudely awoken by.... snow! So I hurried down the hill to the super warm Royal Aubrac gite
These are the local cattle on the poster - but none in paddocks because very boggy. Also another gizmo for shoeing cattle next to communal oven (no longer used)
Les Gentianes was a gloomy looking gite but the farmer’s wife gave us the best meal of the journey yet. Once again I was the pivot between the Korean couple with limited English and a delightful French lady with no English. My French is improving exponentially 🙃

11 April 2018

I walked too far in difficult conditions today. Tomorrow shorter- or maybe taxi if too much snow overnight. Statue of beast who killed 100+ women and children in 18th century on this plateau (odd no men taken....).

10 April 2018

The last part of the day
On the way today
View from Domaine Sauvage this morning

9 April 2018

Dinner last night - and tonight...
Gite Domain Sauvage, my home tonight
A crush affair that I learnt is for holding cattle while they are shod
Farmhouse and view in a lovely valley - would move here in a blink!
Odd carvings around Sauges
An uneventful walk on many different paths and surfaces to a gite in a farm in the middle of pine forests

8 April 2018

At last Sauges 💤
The climb - so steep!
The gite in Monistrol-d’Allier. I shared my room with 2 French women from Lyon

7 April 2018

Monistrol-d’Allier deep in valley- not looking forward to climb out in morning...
The path through St Privat d’Allier to windy Rochegude and 12th century tower and Chapelle
Gite la Grange and view from lounge where I stayed Friday night

6 April 2018

Some memorial crosses, the church in St Christophe sur Dolaison, and the little Chapelle St Roche
The farmhouses cluster together and the animals and people live at opposite ends under the same roof. My fave was the blue shuttered house!
Spot the signs showing the way- on posts trees rocks walls....
We left the cathedral after our pilgrim blessing down steep flights of stairs from the nave down onto the streets of Le Puy-en-Velay