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Vessela's adventure in Vieux Fort, Saint L...

12 March 2017

The situation in Charlotte, NC...not exactly blue skies, turquoise water, and lush green tropical 🌴 landscapes...but this is the baby that will take us there! 😊😊😁
Arrived in Charlotte, NC...33 degrees and a whiteout! There is snow on the ground! We are so not ready for this! 😨😨😨 Good thing we are not staying on this flight! It is headed for Boston! 😱😱😱
Ready to dive into the night sky! ❤❤❤
Arrived at the airport...all four of us plus two Golden Retriever puppies, Sammy and Wammy! 😄😄😄
Aaaand...we just lost an hour since today, out of all days, someone decided we have to go back to daylight saving time! 😴 Still on the way to the airport! 😬😬😬
It all started around 1:45 in the AM of a cool Houston night...And so, here we are...on our way to a Caribbean Island that not too many people have heard of...St. Lucia...or perhaps Santa Lucia for some??? I have only seen the beauty of this place in pictures, fliers, books, videos, and Internet sites...and oh, it looks surreal! The excitement of experiencing the reality of this place builds as we make our way on US-59 from Sugar Land, TX to IAH - Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. It is 60 degrees, and drizzling lightly. US-59 is as empty as you will ever see it...Thoughts are jumping from one place to another: Will we be able to climb the infamous Pitons, how are we going to handle driving on the left side of the road, are we going to be able to see, taste, and experience enough of what this place has to offer...