Croatia · 3 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Vesna's adventure in Umag, Croatia

11 July 2017

It was time to pack up our bags, take a last look at the beach and start twards home. But before that trip starts, Umag, being the motley adriatic city that it is, deserves one last stop as a memorable ending to a memorable journey. What better than a beer in the evening sun with a cool wind blowing, sitting literally by the sea with your best friend.
Magical chilling morning at the seaside 🐚

10 July 2017

After a whole day of bathing there is nothing better than going for a strole to the city and sitting down for something refreshing with live music in the background.
The morning was fresh and clear and, almost, void of human beings. Perfect for a quiet morning strole or an envigorating run.

9 July 2017

We visited the old center of Umag. It was actually quite empty..not so many people walking about though there are plenty of different suvenier stands and even a small carneval. The walk there around the bay was very pleasant and the city itself is defenitely worth seeing.
After what seemed a really long ride and all the heat of the day, bathing in the sea really hit the spot. The place is wondeful and not at all crowded so we have had real pleasure in sunbathing and walking across the mile of shallow water for a swim 😀
Finally at our destination and all set up 🙂 Now it's swimming time..
Starting from my friends' place 🙂