Croatia · 12 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Annual sailing in Croatian Adriatic sea

2 August 2017

City of Molat on Molat from the Jazi bay.

1 August 2017

Ilovik, though not much of a town, has some really good restautants, and one of them serves even breakfast. If for nothing else it is definitely worth comming on foot over the hill for it. The sailing was exemplery that day and in the evening a beautiful sunset.

29 July 2017

27 July 2017

On our way twords Meli on Cres and Rab, where our friends were, we had to pass Lošinj. There is a revolwing bridge that allows boats that are not deeper than 2,5m to pass through..the 9thers must go around. It is quite an experiance.

25 July 2017

Island Silba; definetly an interesting city on a lovely island 🙂

24 July 2017

As gorgeous as this evening sky looks it, sadly, bares a bad omen. There was such a bad storm that evening, but luckily for us it was not the worst on our part of adriatic sea. And, being completely honest, there is nothing more beautiful to witness than rain..seing the raindrops by the thousand making an army of droplets in the sea all in the magical evening light. To our relief the night was calm and we were able to get a good nights' rest.

23 July 2017

There is nothing more beautiful than a first annual sunrise at sea..especually when observed from the sea twoards land 🙂

22 July 2017

Our vacarion startes in the early morning with packing up our car and then setting off twoards the border crossing Vinica. We had breakfast in Čenomelj roughly around 7h and then set off for Croatia. There was some standstill on the highway, just before the tunnel Sv.Rok, but after that it all went smoothly; the saillingboat check-in, packing our stuff and even our favourite restaurant in Pirovac was open even though many of the other establishments seemed to be closed. We had a bathe in the first bay and then sailed to the Arta Strait, between the islands Vela in Mala Arta, were we plan to stay the night.