Europe, North America · 14 Days · 34 Moments · October 2017

Vesna's adventure in Hawai'i, United States

3 November 2017

Treck on Dimond head was really something, especially with the amazing view at the top. The way up wasn't hard at all, though the sun gave us no pause.

3 November 2017

Our trip is sadly comming to an end as we board one plane after another twords Venice and Ljubljana. It was a magnificent experiance and I patiently await the next one πŸ™‚
Pearl Harbour, Americas' national monument or rather a memorial on a grand scale.. it's not that special to see, except the submarine and the ship you can go on to and see how the soldiers and marines lived. Not that I don't respect them, but it wasn't my war.

1 November 2017

Hawai'i and the famous Honolulu with Waikiki beach. I think that tells it all 😁 (Though I grant you after a few days I would get really bored....)

31 October 2017

Kilauea + Hanalei bay
Olimpic bar (restaurant & bar) with great ambient and food.

30 October 2017

Of course when you go to Hawai'i, you have to experiance a luau.
Napali coast from the seaward side. In my opinion one could hardly find anything more beautiful.
Such beautiful colours, sadly we couldn't get a helicopter to fly over the canyon and the Napali coast..

29 October 2017

A scenic though very muddy treck along the Napali coast to a waterfall.
Here stood the very best smothie cart I have ever tasted πŸ˜€
Breakfast with an ideelic background, though I do miss the sunrise, but that would perhaps be to much of a fearytale

27 October 2017

We went swimming with mantas the other night and let me tell you-it was amazing. They swam right by me and we even had a close encounter with some dolphins.
Finally some relaxing on a hawaiian beach 😁 Hapuna heach was beautifull, but sadly the waves to big to swim. By thw way, we really need to teach these americana the concept of a real beach..there isn't a single bar or restaurant on the whole beach...

26 October 2017

Witnessing a sunset on the "highest" mountain in the world (Mauna Kea) is a magnificent sight. It would've been nice if we could go in some of the observatoroes with the hugh telescopes, but oh well maby next time πŸ˜›
Not so much the road where lava once had it's way, but the lava clifs with the hugh waves crashing in are really worth seeing.
The biggest patch of the oldest hawaiian petrogliphs.
Here's a part of our group, though the fotographer is missing πŸ™‚ A hike along the sulphur fields was beautiful..the scene very different with the patches of suplhur and hot air comming out and then vegetation growing normally around.

25 October 2017

The lava tube really was something, though I hoped it would be bit longer hike. Later we chilled at Volcano house. It has an amazing view of the Halema'uma'u crater when you sit in the lobby or have lunch in one of their restaurants.
We hiked along the Kilauea Iki crater and desended into it to see the hardened lava up close. It was quite a rugged terrain though we all noticed that vulcanic rock is less slippery when wet then other rocks, and your shoes are cleaner.

24 October 2017

Waipio beach makes for a trully amazing adventure or rather treck where you walk a 250m hight difference, the road is very scenic though very steep. The beach has dark sand from the vulcanic rocks and the waves crashing on the shore gave an almost eery feeling.
We had a lovely walk along the trail and even the rain subsided for a while. The waterfalls are trully wonderful. If only the whole round rute would've been opened, so we could've seen all of them.

23 October 2017

Hawaiians had a rule sistem called Kapu and they stuck to them very stricktly up to a certain period. What better way to tell it's forbiden to walk somewhere than just writing KAPU.
Mauna Loa in the distance and a rainbow at the visit center jst below Mauna Kea. Sadly there was bad weather at the very top, so we couldn't go up. Perhaps we will be more lucky some other day.
Some more scenic roads along the way to the volcano Mauna Kea.
A panorama view of a very scenic grasslands. It was a very nice drive through the grassy hils twoards Mauna Kea.
The first and oldest hawaiian temple built at the begining of Kamehameha I raign. Puukohola Heiau (temple on the hill of the whale) stands on Kohala coast.
An old cooled down lava field that we met along the of many.
Jetlag is trully a battle. We woke up at 4am sleepless... But the scene is wonderful with the background waves crashing on the neer shorline. The pictires cannot come nere to the beauty of it sadly.

22 October 2017

Hawai'i or rather Kona in this pictures, have a very eventful and interesting history. It truly is a magnificent country. We have here the royal palace and the first church ever build here. The hut is a traditional old hawaiian temple of sorts. Later we met some performers going to perform for a certain luau.
We got our first taste of Hawaiian cuisine. It is as good as it looks alwais served with a flower. The flavours, compared to ours, are more sweet and fruity.

21 October 2017

At LA we had a longer stop before boarding our last flight to Hawai'i..we slept, or tried to at least, for around 9 hours. The last flight had the most trubulence but the sight that followed will stay in my mind for ever..flying over Hawaii, seeing the volcano Mauna Kea and the coast from the air was amazing.

21 October 2017

The first flight is over πŸ™‚ it was a pleasant flight and the flight-atendants nice and helpful. The 9 hours were long, almost too long...but that's just how it is to travel sometimes. The check points are a pain in the a** if you don't know what to do and how, but once you get through it all seems too simple πŸ˜‰ ...though it would be great if there would be more dutyfree shops ☺️
After a 3h drive we finnaly arrive at the Marco Polo airport by Venice. Our joirney awaits πŸ˜€