Europe, South America · 40 Days · 32 Moments · January 2017

4 March 2017

One thing we've definitely discovered during our journey is that -surprisingly- we seemed to be the most punctual ones in Southamerica. Whenever we had an engagement and a fixed time to appear somewhere, we tried to arrive on schedule (ok, which didn't always work out). But still, we had to wait for at least 30 minutes until our date got there/until the bus actually arrived/until we were able to ckeck-in/....… We signed up for a pizzanight in a hostel one night, which was supposed to start at 9 pm. Both of us were so hungry that we arrived at 8:30pm in hopes of an early start. Which, in retrospect, seems very naive and silly. Needless to say-the pizzaparty started at 10:30pm when the other guests finally showed up👍🏼 Deductive reasoning: don't ever call us late again.

28 February 2017

So there we are. Back home. And it's snowing!!❄️ We honestly are very happy to be with our family and friends again and organised a small and spontaneous caipirinha-welcome🌞 We've spent an amazing time in Southamerica, and enjoyed every second of it. So many nice and fun people, and tons of beautiful places... Both of us have learned a lot during our trip: about ourselves, about other cultures and their rules, about economic as well as social imbalances that rule our world and - it may sound a bit cheesy but - also about friendship. Also we've made many experiences which taught us what to do and what not to do during a backpacker-trip. 💗 Southamerica, we're definitely gonna return! 💗 Ps: some more retrospective posts are gonna come up during the next days-as soon as both of us have recovered from our jetlag. Thank you for following us✨

26 February 2017

Just arrived in Buenos Aires! Rio was beautiful🌼 We had one last delicious juice this morning in Rio-one thing we're definitely gonna miss...

25 February 2017

We visited the military fortress today and went to the huge parades in Santa Teresa and Copacabana! And we took a swim in the sea one last time, before heading back to Buenos Aires tomorrow, to finish our wonderful trip💕

24 February 2017

The Jardim botanico in Rio de Janeiro hosts over 6500 species distributed throughout an area of 54 hectares, and we simply love this place!

23 February 2017

Let the carnival begin!🍹🌎
We're ready for the first parade in Rio! It's passing infront of our hostel💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

22 February 2017

We chilled at Ipanema Beach today and visited the Pão de Açúcar in the evening, in order to see the sunset from upstairs-we had a breathtaking view!!

21 February 2017

We did a very touristic thing today, which one just can't NOT do in Rio: we visited the Cristo Redentor. Funny feeling to be so close to one of the new 7 wonders of the world. However, it was very expensive to get there and it was, obviously, exactly the thing we've expected and seen on at least 100 pictures already. Fun fact: we finally met a person from Luxembourg on our trip! We knew this would happen, we're just everywhere!

20 February 2017

COPA - COPACABAAAANA 🎶 We spent our day at the beautiful and wellknown beach in Copacabana☀️☀️

19 February 2017

We enjoyed our 2 days of luxury! We are going to take an uber to Rio city now, to get to our next hostel. We're already looking forward to the carneval in Rio!💃🏽💃🏽🍹🍹

17 February 2017

We arrived in the most fancy place we've booked-2 days break from hostel-noise and shared bathrooms. We still can't believe our eyes, this is too much unexpected luxury. They even offer a beachservice, with umbrellas, towels and snacks. And last but not least they call us Madam and Sir. #😎idk #thisfeelssowrong

16 February 2017

Boat trip around Ilha Grande☀️👌🏼

15 February 2017

Goodbye beautiful Barra de Guaratiba! We arrived at Ilha Grande today👍🏼 And as soon as we got to our hostel, we needed to wash our clothes and we became quite creative in improvising our own clothesline👸🏽

14 February 2017

Yesterday, we hiked once again for 3 hours through the brazilian jungle and had one of the most rewarding moments at the top of this mountain🐠 We even risked our lifes to take a breathtaking picture-totally worth it😉

13 February 2017

We're not sure anymore if the waterfalls in Iguazù were the most beautiful place we've ever seen after hiking to this place in Barra de Guaratiba💕

12 February 2017

Getting to our destination in Barra de Guaratiba, 60 km from Rio, was a real adventure. Our journey started at 2 am: taking a flight to Rio (we were so tired). We then wandered through the most lost places in Brazil, with only the help of our brazilian GPS(2nd picture) - until we finally caught the right bus, which then had a break-down, literaly in the middle of nowhere... So we had to wait for another bus, and as soon as we actually got to Barra de Guaratiba, we realized that we'd need to catch a motorbike-taxi, with our huge backpacks on our backs. But we've survived the day and got safely to our hostel. Needless to say-this hidden place was worth the exciting trip!!!!

11 February 2017

We spent a great day at the beach and went surfing (we've followed your advice Patrick)! Look at our poser-pictures💁🏽 Also, we tasted Açai for the first time-it's a typical brazilian berry which they serve here a lot. And it was delicious🙌🏽

10 February 2017

Today we spent our day at the amazing beaches of Florianopolis💕 ...and we maybe got a bit sunburnt

9 February 2017

Ok, as soon as we said it-the wifi connection works again! So here are some impressions of our last days. We were housed at an amazing hostel in Curitiba, where we -as already mentioned in the previous post- met tons of wonderful people who became like a family to us. Also, we met a friend of a friend, who showed us around in the city and took us to the Oscar Niemeyer museum. Thanks Gustavo, we had a good day! Without giving too many explanations (so you won't worry too much about us), we have to admit that Brazil is a different world. Many lovely people, but unfortunately also a lot of violence and crime. Hard to imagine that brazilian people are exposed to this criminality everyday, especially when you grew up in this safe bubble in Luxembourg. However, it is a beautiful country and we enjoy Brazil so much!☀️
Unfortunately we weren't able to post anything during the last days, because we had no wifi connection! We've spent some amazing days in Curitiba where we made new friends who became like a family. We already miss them! Now we're in Florianópolis. As you can see on the picture, we're having an amazing view from our terasse. We'll try to post the pictures from the last days as soon as Felix's phone is able to connect to wifi again. Greetings from sunny Floripa!💕

5 February 2017

Yesterday we've travelled from Iguaçu to Curitiba in Brazil. After a long night with tons of cool people and too many caipirinhas, we're gonna try to start slowly into the day by simply walking a bit around the city👼🏽

4 February 2017

We're currently chilling at our pool, before heading over to Brazil in the afternoon!☀️

3 February 2017

Today we went to visit the brazilian side of the waterfalls. We took a boat that brought us right into the cataratas-needless to say, it helped us cooling off from the 34 degrees outside temperature💦☀️

2 February 2017

Today we've definitely found the most beautiful place which we've ever seen in our entire lifes. Pictures may give you a small impression of what we've witnessed, even though it seems to be impossible to capture the beauty of this landscape in an electronic device. If you ever happen to have the chance to come to Iguazù, you have to visit this national parc! But be careful-there are crocodiles, leopards and fricking huge spiders everywhere🐊

1 February 2017

We've arrived in Iguazù today! Look at our beautiful hostel-pool and at the view we have from our room(2nd pic)😎 We are sorry for not posting the last two days, but Véronique was a bit sick due to the overwhelming heat. Tomorrow we'll visit the Iguazù-falls, we'll keep you posted❤️

30 January 2017

35 degrees and way too hot to go to town today! So we decided to stay at the hostel's terrace; sunbathing and writing postcards to our family and friends. Btw, we're in Córdoba now🌴

29 January 2017

After 6 days full of anger, phonecalls, laughter and hope, we finally have good news: Véronique has received her backpack! Meanwhile, a bird shat on Felix's forehead while travelling to Tigre. If you look closely, you'll be able to identify the rests of it. As you can see, both of us are happy and we send sunny greetings to everyone!😘

26 January 2017

We've visited the two beautiful barrios Palermo and Recoleta today. The picture, of course, was made with the awesome looking guy's consent. (Jk, we didn't ask)

25 January 2017

We visited Caminito in La Boca today! Felix is happy, because we've found our journi cover-pic in real life.

24 January 2017

We've finally arrived in our beautiful hostel in Buenos Aires!! And guess whaaaat... Véronique didn't receive her backpack, seems like it's still stuck in Madrid. YAY. #crying but nevermind; the weather is beautiful and nothing's gonna kill our good mood🌞

23 January 2017

To be honest, it wasn't easy to say goodbye to these cuties. However, we're at Brussels airport now and our flight will leave soon. You'll hear from us when we arrive in Buenos Aires, tomorrow 1pm GMT!