Thailand · 22 Days · 12 Moments · June 2016

Veronica's odyssey through Thailand

9 July 2016

Full week of school that included Muay Thai matches, ladyboy shows, and climbing up a sticky waterfall. I finally caught with my sleep last night, and I'm currently in a cafe sipping on some tea and working on school work. The sun broke through the clouds today, and I had a day with nothing planed. I'm content and appreciating this place more and more everyday.

5 July 2016

Went to a Thai boxing match. Fight club vibes and the smell of tiger balm were in the air. The fights were really fun to watch, and it was so crazy how they kick with their shins! Much respect to the athletes, what a cool sport.
Part 2 of my last post: After a little too much rice whisky I passed out in the bungalow. We left early the next morning and drove to see the elephants. I didn't really enjoy seeing them chained up and exploited, so me and some others walked around and sat that activity out. After lunch, we went to go bamboo rafting. A little unsafe, very fun. I really enjoyed seeing Dante fall off the raft and the guide laugh at him for a goo amount of time. After that adventure we passed out in the bed and headed home to a much need rest after a crazy weekend.
Last weekend was again one for the books. We drove up north to a small eco village and went zip lining. Hands down the best zip lining experience I have ever had. It doesn't get much better than flying through the jungle for three hours. We followed that with a massage. Hard life, right? Our host mom made us rice crispy treats and and we watched the rain fall in our bungalow until dinner. Dinner was followed by a religious ceremony and an amazing dance by the locals. The next day we visited the royal project and hiked to an amazing waterfall. I was strongly reminded of my beautiful home and felt a bit of homesickness, but that quickly passed as I played in the waterfall with my travel buddies. We then hiked into the hill tribes, which was a sight on its own. Rice patties and beautiful hills in every direction. We settled into our bungalows before grabbing some whisky and going to dinner. They preformed some beautiful Thai songs while we preformed Justin Bieber.

3 July 2016

Hill tribe!

28 June 2016

Yesterday after school me and some of my friends caught a song Tao to the edge of campus to go on a hike on of the girls had heard of. We hiked up this huge hill through the jungle. The views on the way up where incredible. After about an hour we arrived at a temple nestled in the hills at the top of a waterfall. So incredibly beautiful and peaceful I could have spent hours there. Just a further example of how much I love this place and being abroad.

27 June 2016

Yesterday started off with a trip to the opeium hall. It was definitely one of the more sobering parts of the trip, but definitely interesting for a lol the history nerds. We then drove to lunch and had some delicious noodles, and then headed to the long necked people's village. The long neck people are refugees from Burma. There are only about 20 of them left, as most have abandoned the practice to assimilate more into Thai culture. I felt a little weird about being a tourist gawking at them, but I got a beautiful scarf from one of the market booths and felt a little better when I supported them. We then headed to the hotel, and of course we all went straight to the pool. After some playtime, we got ready for dinner and walked to the chaing rai bell tower. At 7 pm, the tower rang and started to change colors. It was an incredible sight. After we had a pizza dinner that was expensive and frankly disappointing. I think I'm going to stick to traditional Thai from now on.

26 June 2016

Here in chaing rai! Got into a a semi routine last week with school and laundry and whatnot. Yesterday we drove to chaing rai and took a boat to the marketplace in Laos. It was a short trip but it was fun being in a new country. We went to a fun traditional dinner at night and then went to the night market. I ate a cricket! Never doing that again. We then had a pool party at the resort and I went to bed pretty happy. As I write this I am eating breakfast with a view of the maekong river. Life is good :)

20 June 2016

Father's Day in Thailand was unreal! We went through so many temples and they were so incredibly beautiful. The amount of work that goes into that architecture is really humbling. My favorite was the reclining Buddha. It was huge! Bangkok is unbelievably hot. I am never complaining about the heat at home again. I have to tell myself repeatedly to look past the heat and be awed at the country that I am in. My favorite part of the day was the dinner cruise at night. We had a nice dinner (and drinks) and started a huge dance party on the stage. We had so many people from other countries come and dance and laugh with us. It was so special. I love traveling.

19 June 2016

Pictures from yesterday!

18 June 2016

Wow. What a day yesterday was. Helen and I took a taxi to the hotel to the hotel that we thought was going to be our last to meet up with the rest of the group. There are no rules on the street here. None. We checked into our rooms and then went to the market with a whole lotta people from the group. I got some bomb pad Thai for about &1.25. For dinner we got even more street food for cheaper. So Ono. We then bought beers at 7/11 and went back the hotel to play kings cup and bond with a group. After a few broke off to go bed, a couple of us took a taxi to Kosan road. It was a hub of all around the world! We got foot massages and walked around before taking a tuk tuk back home and calling it a night👍🏼
Made it to Bangkok! After around 24 hours of traveling, we are in the airport hotel resting up to start our Thai journey! We played in the pool, bought our first legal drinks, and tried our best to stay up until 9 to combat the jet lag. Ready for the adventure to begin!