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20 April 2019

Got sick, my saliva glands are swollen. Thankful my family is here though!!!

19 April 2019


18 April 2019

OUR ITALIAN GANG!!!! So thankful to have met them
Said goodbye to all the Italian friends we made because their semester is over!

17 April 2019

Good day

16 April 2019

Went on a date with my Italian friend and came home and told my friends all about it :-)

15 April 2019

Campus, the local bar. Great friends!!!!

14 April 2019

Speakeasy in Rome:)

13 April 2019

Camping with Italian locals!! SO COOL!!!
(Rainy rainy rainy) Spanish steps
The beauty herself, Trevi fountain!!!
When you see it...
Don’t forget to look down some and acknowledge the floor ; )

12 April 2019

First night in ROME!!!!! Fell in love with the city.
Saw georgia again!!! What a breathe of fresh air

5 April 2019

Not coffee:) MIMOSA!!!

3 April 2019

Jorge!!! Will be one of my hardest goodbyes.
Climbed a tree and had big dreams up there

31 March 2019

The final farewell to the Eiffel tower:,(
Brooke and I and the tower! DREAM!
A mini photo shoot for the perfect weather and the perfect place and the perfect wine and the perfect friends!!! Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhh
The ARC!!! Really really stinking cool! I was also not in the mood for photos but my friends made me so I got weird
Went to a place called wild and the moon and got a charcoal latte that tasted like Oreos!!! And then got a macaroon and Dr Pepper :-) my stomach REJOICED
Museums are fun!!!!
Cool + famous paintings

30 March 2019

Took a nap in the afternoon and then went to dinner! Then went to a bar that was behind a washing machine and wrote our names on the wall!
In the Versailles gardens. My feet HURT but it was beyond worth it!
Where the King spent most his time. He would sit in this room and make all the decisions with such important people looking at THIS VIEW OF THE CASTLE ENTRANCE!!!! You could FEEL THE POWER!
These are some of the paintings in Versailles. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Most amazing human built place I have ever been. Humbled to have seen it!!
Out front of the Palace of Versailles right after we found out we got in for free with our VISAS :-)

29 March 2019

Looking into the Louvre for F R E E :-)
“Girls with the blue doors” is either going to be a sitcom or album cover
Notre Dame :-) thumbs up gigi!!!! This is picture is for YOU!!!!!!
Shakespeare and company, AMAZING!!!!! Amazing amazing amazing, I hear book club in the air????
Two of my favorites of the day: Macaroons The smell of this subway (not sarcasm, smelled like Home Depot meets printer and gasoline)
Had a macaroon with the Eiffel Tower today :,)

28 March 2019

On the train to Milan, to then fly to Paris, France! Of course we made time (barely!!!) before hand to go get our favorite coffee Dersuits :)
OFF TO PARIS!!!!! TRAIN TO PLANE! Reminds me to live!!!!

27 March 2019

Went to a olive oil making company this morning and this is the only picture I got! Oops!

25 March 2019

Two worlds in one!

24 March 2019

Sad they left
Brooke said I might be able to keep this, FINGERS CROSSED
Mountains!!!! Really there but hiding, so I just helped them out a little
Love these people and also have a new found love for dusk!!!!!!
Such a fun picnic
Garda with my other GALS!
Campus pub, where we always are

23 March 2019

Taking them through the city!
Have never been legal together!

22 March 2019

Taylor Burdiss send candy and a note with them to give to me. So blessed and thankful by her!!!
Just thankful!
Best friend since forever in ITALY WITH ME!
Went with Billie to lake Garda for the morning! Really love her and our new(ish) friendship!
Went with Billie to lake Garda for the morning! Really love her and our new(ish) friendship!
My girls

21 March 2019

MY FAVORITE FAVORITE favorite coffee shop!!! They gave me a smile face on my coffee and call me by my name. Makes me tear up! I love them.

20 March 2019

Went to Mantova on a class field trip. It was cool! Not my fave, no offense Mantova..

19 March 2019

Librarian? Never heard of her.
After I took the test I bought myself cake because I knew it wasn’t good

18 March 2019

Everyone trying to teach me Italian. Made a 57! So...
Crying watching queer eye on the plane
Starbs!!!! Really good morning! But Maddie lost her passport so that wasn’t ideal, but she said it was still a good morning for her too.

17 March 2019

Wearing said “free face mask”
I mean, on a train in London.. does it get any better? Right after this pic we had some conflict resolution. Nothing like a good beverage and honesty amiright!
Fake London bridge!
London bridge!
Got a free face mask at lush:-)

16 March 2019

WHOLE FOODS!!! Really felt home. Also bought my first alcoholic drink at Whole Foods!
American stores to make us feel a little of home
Seeing the sights and making sure all the rest of the princes see my ringless hand!
Mulled wine with Big Ben, OKAY!

15 March 2019

Off to London!
Of to London!!

12 March 2019

Beauty on my walk home
Focusing in Italian :-)
Went on a run and ended up here!

11 March 2019

Went on a run today and now eating my veggies!!! Wahoo!!!!
Jorgan!!! The dragon trainer.

10 March 2019

Wine with a view!!! My GIRLS!
My other best friend and answered prayer!! Cannot wait to be life longs.
Happy birthday lauren!
Not even my drink, just a prop for a pic 🤪 in this picture I was REALLY wanting to go to bed.

9 March 2019

Alpaca farm in bolzono italy!

8 March 2019

More Austria!
innsbruck, Austria!!!

7 March 2019

Wine!! I love it!!!!
My best friend no matter the conflict
I love this place, this group, and all the Lord is doing.
Trento, italy!!! Moving into this castle next week

6 March 2019

If your a bird...!!!
Laid by a “beach” before class

4 March 2019

Just reality sometimes
Morning walk and ended up here :,)

3 March 2019

Went into the Verona arena!!
My new every morning routine: yogurt, strawberries, bananas, and granola! AMAZING

2 March 2019

My boyfriend Jorge!!! (Not really my boyfriend, he likes boys. But that’s what makes it funny)
Found a new editing app at bruch so had to play with it

1 March 2019

Where my program is most nights, Campus Pub. Funny place, reminds me of the lotus flower in the lighting thief.
Caroline Flournoy, friend from high-school, came to Verona to celebrate Carnaval with us!
Verona Carnaval! Celebration of lent beginning the next day!

28 February 2019

27 February 2019

Birthday night :)

24 February 2019

One of the best meals!

23 February 2019

My Verona besties in Brussels!
King and queen of Amsterdam, GEORGE🤩, me and oat milk coffee (EW), and the only floating flower shop in the world!
Selfie sesh with georgia !!!!! Happy we got to see her (she is studying abroad in Madrid and met us in Brussels)

22 February 2019

Brussels royal courtyard is one of my favorite things.
Talking to these KIND KIND KIND french ladies about Brussels and it was so refreshing
“The avocado show” restaurant was like paying for the experience, not the food if you get what I mean

21 February 2019

TRAVELING TO BRUSSELS WAS such a ride. Took the wrong train to Milan, stuck in that town (the one on spongebob in the pizza episode if u know u know) and then slept in the airport! THEN, the airbnb cancelled on us but then didn’t but there is only bed for five girls haha BUT GEORGIA IS HERE! All IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOD

17 February 2019

Bye Florence!!!
Brunch place FOR A THIRD TIME!!!! La Ménagère did us well
Homeless Jesus and “Foto booth”
STAUES ON STATUES!!!! Really one of my favorite art forms

16 February 2019

Selfies with my girls at bar
Our friend, Nolan!!!
The Duomo!!
roof top bar, called view of art!!
Again, sunbathing while we can
The best brunch place in all of Italy

15 February 2019

Jackson pushed maddie off her chair
Denim on denim before hittin’ the town
My best girls
We miss the sun (A LOT) so we stopped to bathe in it for a little
Climbed to the top of a hill in Florence and it was the most beautiful view! Thx Jackson!

14 February 2019

love my “boyfriend”!!!!
Sweet, sweet Desuts.
I LOVE princess lauren!!!

13 February 2019

Galentine’s day!!!!
Happy valentines week to me by treating myself to some chocolate:)

12 February 2019

Verona has stands all over the city selling chocolate, wine, roses, etc. all week! And in one of the squares, there is a maze to find your love :)

10 February 2019

German energy drink!
I was “screaming” in her ear, but just i was just talking normally

9 February 2019

Accidentally ordered a liter of beer, I am about it though (shared but finished to get $$$ worth ;)
German meal!! Schnitzel and Apple schroeder!!!
Munich micheal Jackson shrine.. come again?
What beautiful looks like
Just a happy moment
Disney or Germany?
Surfers in a river in the WINTER in Germany!!!
My people!
German Mcdonald’s, pastry shop, cool app building!!!

8 February 2019


7 February 2019

First pic is class, second I am GOING TO MUNICH GERMANY TOMORROW! Third, walking is getting me a little tired people. Took the bus today and it made me cry how beautifully fast we were going

6 February 2019

Just a normal day today

5 February 2019

Met this girl from Brazil on a train back to Verona and became friends. I laughed when she fell and she got sad and I had to explain I thought it was funny but I wasn’t laughing at her. She leaves tomorrow but glad we go to hang!

4 February 2019

felt at home in a foreign place today!

3 February 2019

Pale Pink Walls>>
Burano!! Most colorful city in Italy (I think)!!
Shared a twin sized bed :,) buongiorno!

2 February 2019

Really really thankful!!!
Pretty rainy day and in a BOAT!!
View from our Airb&b in Venice :-) and my rain boots for the day (failed)

1 February 2019

No rain boots? No problem! because barefoot! It was FREEZING and I did end up dunking my shoes later on the way home. Main square FLOODED!
Flooding! None of us have rain boots!
On our way to a rainy weekend in Venice

30 January 2019

FUN NIGHT IN VERONA!!! Was taught to dance at a club by a guy from Madrid. This is not him, this is my friend Jorge! And my other friend arielle!

29 January 2019

A few pictures to update!!!! Jorge, my bff! Brookie and Millena :) and GELATO! All good things!
Really filling meal for cheap! With a view! New favorite

28 January 2019

Made potato’s! They are 4/10 but next time will be better!

27 January 2019

Talked to my favorite people!!!!!
And of course some Slovenian boys we met

26 January 2019

Two favorite moments of the day: 1. While walking around the lake, we saw a guy water coloring the view and selling them for 4 euros. So maddie wanted to get one (as did I) so we stopped and looked at them. And then he let us pick one out and then he PAINTED US!!! He was so talented! 2. After hiking a 3 mile mountain, walked around the whole lake, hiking up to a castle, and then walking back to a unique restaurant we passed earlier, we had our FIRST meal of the day, and BOY it was good.

25 January 2019

Walked past this man about 7 times and ate at his resturant because he convinced us too, then every other time he would say “ciao Bella” and of course it fed my confidence so we kept walking by him, then we started giving each other hugs each time I saw him then I said goodbye and he said “ciao mi amore”
The birds are INSANE IN VENICE! I stole bread from lunch in my purse (it was the complementary bread at the beginning of the meal) and started feeding the bird with it (which is illegal) and it was a highlight of my month
My girls on a gondola. DREAMING!
Gondola!!! It’s EXACTLY as good as it looks. It’s a lot nicer in Venice this time of the year because there is not a lot of tourists is what they told us. Also that’s my favorite picture of myself I think
Just me at lunch!!! Goofy!!!!!!
Venice poses for pictures I am not kidding
On the way to Venice for the day and then headed to Slovenia!

23 January 2019

THIS MORNING 🤩 spent a lot of time with Jesus and it’s crazy how less insecure I am when I spend time with him. *no duh Marian* no really, I refuse to look at spending time with Jesus as a “fix my day” superstitious thing, but I have realized that it changes my perspective on myself and others. It’s the little realizations

20 January 2019

A garden I found while looking for a coffee shop on a Sunday but they are CLOSED ON SUNDAYS! so I found this garden and went by myself and read the book radical!!!!

19 January 2019

Climbed 498 stairs in this skinny tower that overlooked Bologna. SO COOL!
The man we met at the coffee shop gave us all the tips on what to do in Bologna. Really thankful for him and the beautiful city!

18 January 2019

COLORFUL DRINKS AND PLAID PANTS! Found our place at Cappa Caffe. Also bought these pants today! Saw them day one and haven’t stopped thinking about them till I bought them.
Honestly just needed a new Facebook profile picture :) and this dog brought up my happiness 10000000 points
Quick photo break and touching Juliet’s boob for good luck, it’s a thing look it up. Also cute monogrammed paper they gave us
The first selfie is before we went walking to find fun things to to. The second is when we stumbled back into the same coffee shop to see colgy still there with two other old friends and offered to buy us coffee, so if course we said yes and took a selfie.
After a our mandatory residential post office meeting, we stopped by this coffee shop and got coffee. We met a man from Romania named Colgy and also saw this dog and then walk through a tunnel back home.

17 January 2019

Hahahahah REAL LIFE put my ice cream lid on my Nutella and put it in my cabinet and then I REALIZED WHEN MY ICE CREAM ONLY HAD A NUTELLA LID hahahahaha me and millena got a kick out of this
Walking home
Red peacoat came out tonight!!! Really has some sort of power, lemme tell ya

15 January 2019

Realizing I live here and am not on vacation.. weird balance. If I had to compare it to something, picture those planks on triangles (illustration below) and I am surfing on it.
Refreshing slow morning today

14 January 2019

Also, this is my walk to school from my apartment. 2 miles... and I have gotten lost each time
First the dinner I made for myself, it was WONDERFUL Second/third, my walk home. It was wonderful. Fourth, the toilet I went to the bathroom In yesterday. honestly better than an American toilet

13 January 2019

Also MADDIE IS HERE! And we found a cute italian cocktail place (30 minutes away by foot) called cappa cafe

12 January 2019

Old Catholic Church! Met a sweet lady named Nicoletta and she gave us a tour
We hiked to the highest point of Verona to see the city. It was amazing and surreal
This is the picture I think of when I think of italy
Really didn’t want to go out tonight because I wanted to sleep, but my new friends convinced me to go and we got SHIRLEY TEMPLES at an ITALIAN PUB! Had to explain to him what it was but it was probably the best Shirley temple I have ever had. Also we walked home after and got lost but is it really getting lost if your walking down this road

11 January 2019

Today we had orientation!! Getting settled in and ready for class. Went to lunch and really really struggled ordering, forgot how difficult communicating is with a different language
These past two days have been a rollercoaster of feelings. Freaked out to in awe to feeling like a freshman meeting all these new people. It’s cool having to rely on the Lord in the times where I genuinely have nothing to say and pray. It’s more different than hard I would say, just trying to adjust. This isn’t a sunshine and rainbows only blog, I got the real stuff too :-) but it’s also italy so it’s mostly sunshine

10 January 2019

Made it to the hotel! Waiting for my mystery roommate to get here
The Swiss alps and sweet Verona was a JOKE! Small plane, lots of leg room, high above the clouds, listening to shane and shane... truly a GREAT moment
Happy 21st to me!! At 10am?!? it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. But really just wanted to buy it
A little bit from my first flight! First, my food. Subpar at best but the brownie made it worth it. Second is the big bathroom! There were two but I would strategically plan to get the big one so I could stretch and jump around. Third, just over the ocean and that’s cool. LASTLY! My new best friend from India. Tbh i didn’t catch his name but I know everything else about him and if I get an internship in Chicago, i already have a friend (his daughter!!!) and then lastly lastly, outside the plane. Really digging this whole travel thing (cheesy but I mean it)

9 January 2019

ITS REAL PEOPLE! HAHAHA WEIRD!!! tbh feelin’ great. Pray that bags get there (idk paranoia ?) and for safe travels and for a FUN GOD GLORIFYING PEACEFUL EXCITING PRE ADVENTURE PLANE RIDE! also featured: mood socks:)

8 January 2019

some of my favorite personalities and people and fans and laughs and lovers and my best friends I LOVE YOU!! They help me breathe. Goodbye for now!
sad and happy and excited! Saying my hardest goodbye

6 January 2019

Starting to feel real. Only bringing 7 T-shirt’s and I bet if you know me you could name at least five.

1 January 2019

Haven’t packed yet but at least I have a cute passport cover :) SO EXCITED AH

25 December 2018