Italy · 1 Days · 7 Moments · July 2018

Verano and Bolzano

15 July 2018

Started our day off early in order to catch the train at 9:05. We quickly ate breakfast and sped off. The train was actually really nice and comfortable. We stopped at Verona and dropped our luggage at this place but it stunk bc it took for ev er. We finally got going and went to the town square, looked at the colosseum and headed to Romeo and Juliet’s balcony. It was very crowded there, but we pushed through and got to touch the statue of Juliet 😉. Afterwards we got gelato again and went back to the train. We got off at Bolzano went to the hotel and headed out again for the ice man museum! It was very cool (see what i did there) then we ate dinner, i got really good gulosh w dumplings. We went to the cable cars, went up, and had dessert (it was AMAZING) and went back down in the rain. We went back to the hotel and are in bed now. Ready for Salzburg tomorrow!! Also they have so many Lush stores and it’s really hard to look at them and not go in.
(Bolzano) up on top of the mountain. It. Was. Amazing. I literally could not explain it. The view was beautiful. The houses and buildings were adorable. It was quiet with not a lot of people. Aghhhh!!! And of course we had to stay up and eat dessert there. I got pana cotta with berries and that was the first time I’ve had it. Definitely would get again.
(Bolzano) cable car trip up the mountain. Had a really nice guy in the car with us who spoke English and was telling us all this stuff about the view.
(Bolzano) the pictures don’t do it justice. The mountains were beautiful.
(Verona) Pic 1: The balcony that Romeo and Juliet are based off of. Pic 2: the statue of Juliet (i touched her boob for good luck)