Italy · 1 Days · 8 Moments · July 2018

Venice Italy day 2

14 July 2018

Today we had breakfast at the hotel and it was ok. We headed off right away to the basilica and on the water bus there, lost half our group. It was fine though because it was a long trip so we had time to figure it out. We got to the basilica and it was beautiful. After looking around in the we headed to doges palace and that was gorgeous to! We finished looking at those places and headed back to the hotel to rest, which meant another looong boat ride. We got back, rested and went straight back out again This time we went on a walking tour of local Venice, so not as many tourists and it was very nice. We stopped and i got a chocolate, hazelnut and pistachio gelato. Once we finished our tour we tried to find a place that the guy recommended but he gave us the wrong directions. In the end we found it but it was full so we kept looking and got lucky on our 4th try. The food was pretty good I also got watermelon on the way back.
Pic 1: a church dedicated to a ‘the saint the ended the Black Plague’. Apparently they figured that he ended it bc when he was sick and in quarantine, a random dog kept bringing him food so he stayed alive and everybody heard about it and when he got better, they determined that the dog was God’s way of saving him and they determined it a miracle.