India · 1 Days · 2 Moments · October 2014

The NorthEastern Nostalgia

24 October 2014

"Isn't Harbhajan Singh a cricketer?", inquired my brother. "Yes of course he is, but he isn't the only Harbhajan Singh to have ever lived is he?" I replied. After that fleeting conversation, our party silently explored the diminutive temple dedicated to a faithful soldier of the Indian Army. A brightly coloured board outside the entrance of the mandir claimed that Harbhajan Singh, on one fateful day, had slipped and fallen into a nullah whose rapids carried his body 9km away from the point of his tumble. Later he appeared in one of his comrade's dream, asking him to construct a shrine in his memory. Appreciated by all as Singh was, no one raised an objection and soon his shrine was constructed. Due to popular tradition, families who visit the shrine donate a bottle of water there with their condolences written all over it. Also, these families are requires by belief not to consume non-vegetarian food for the forthcoming twenty-one days. Rumours have it that the spirt of this eter

23 October 2014

On The Move Day: Bagdogra, West Bengal One would expect the post so-many-flight-changing experience from Vadodara to Bagdogra to take it's toll on us, but our convoy proved to be rather enthusiastic. After finally landing unceremoniously in Bagdogra and regretting the foolhardy decision of not having booked Helicopters (Yes, we missed the opportunity to fly in Helicopters- Not that anyone knew about it before hand thanks to the travel agents) we had our luggage tied to on top of the two cars that had arrived for our pick-up and advanced to satisfy the Tummy-Lords who apparently led us to the City Centre mall for food.