United States of America · 257 Days · 29 Moments · August 2017

4th and 7th grade

14 April 2018

3rd game of the day 😳. Got done with black belt ceremony at 12:40pm and headed back to mill creek for 3rd game ..Aryan not hungry and ready to play final game of the day .. super proud of my boy for playing 3 game and black belt ceremony..
Aryan Black Belt ceremony Jasmine mid term / Black Belt Ceremony at ATA
Aryan ready for black belt ceremony after 2 soccer game this morning at mill creek park 1st game at 9 and we lost πŸ˜’ 2nd game at 10:15am and we won πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜

13 April 2018

Aryan black belt testing and Jasmine mid-terming today .. super proud of Aryan Jasmine got highest score today for her form, sparing and self defense .. she got 9 out of 10 .. wow girl you rock and super proud of you .

12 April 2018

Jasmine and 12 have been happily surprising us this year .. first dancing at Isha sweet 16 and now joining soccer travel team .. lady impact u14.. super proud of you girl 😘😘

24 March 2018

Final 2017-2018 chess tournament.. Aryan got 4th place overall trophy . Jasmine’s 2nd tournament of her life and her school for 2nd place overall trophy πŸ†.. yay kids

17 March 2018

Isha’s sweet 16 celebration in Macon .. jasmine had been full of surprises this year .. Jasmine for the fist time did a dance performance on stage 😁😁😍😍. Simran did the choreography for goomar dance. Jasmine decided and told me on feb 24 at Kashyap 40th B - day celebration that she also wants to dance with Sachi and Simran at Isha sweet 16.. I was happily surprised and happy for them .. yay girls 😘😘😘
Post soccer game victory lunch .. πŸ˜‚
Aryan U12 first home game ever .. yay Aryan scored total 2 goals .. yay super proud of my boy 😍😘 First game score - 7 to 1 Second game score - 8 to 0 We nailed both games

10 September 2017

Irma didn’t do much damage to our place and Tampa so we decided to celebrate jasmine, Aryan and Rishi Day lil early with the family !!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
Kids watching TV and waiting for Irma to come 😜😜.

9 September 2017

Hurricane Irma brought the whole family except for Jignesh and Chirag together at our house .. all schools and clinics were closed for Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun ... party time for kids . Took a stroll at Millcreek Park while the weather was good .

1 September 2017

First day of our own clinic .. very grateful and blessed .. Came home at 6:30pm

21 August 2017

Time of 3:38 is Not correct . This phase started at 2:44pm Phase 2: diamond ring Phase 3: Bialys beads ( couldn't take picture ).
Timing of 3:38 is not correct: Phase 4: totality eclipse We can look at the solar eclipse without glasses . It turned very dark . Amazing view . Started at 2:44pm and ended at 2:46pmp
Solar eclipse complete and back to normal daylight at 2:47pm .. birds r flying
The weather has Cool down.. the sun is not burning Sun looks like πŸŒ™ crescent moon
We're ready for first phase to solar eclipse First phase : started at 1:14pm partially eclipse phase Kids had taco bell for lunch
Girls and Kashyap r fasting.. last Monday Kids watching on IPad
We came to Orangeburg at 11am for solar eclipse viewing ... 3 families : Kashyap, Jignesh and Chirag family Kids having fun at Orangeburg Kashyap watching solar eclipse while sleeping 😜😜

7 August 2017

Rakhi day

6 August 2017

I and Aryan got the new bike. Going on a test ride ...Kashyap is in Boone for silent retreat. 10am. Love my bike but not so much for Aryans bike Will order new one for me !!

1 August 2017

Waiting at WJMS parking lot to pick up jasmine
Time to drop off Jasmine !!
First day of school We made history today by getting to school before it even opens 😜😜. We got to school at 7:10am and it's open 7:20am Walked Aryan inside Dr Johnson class room ( she's new to JPB, she used to be Twin city elementary school principal). He has 3 teachers this year Dr Johnson : reading and ELA Mrs Grace : Science and SS Mrs Bazemore : Math The 3 musketeers are in different class this year πŸ™ƒπŸ˜³