France · 5 Days · 7 Moments · December 2018

Vania's Journi to France

19 December 2018

My last day in Paris I just wanted to walk around the city. I went to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the pantheon and walked around the Latin quarter. I got some wine, cheese, a baguette, foie gras and meat for lunch. In the afternoon I went to Champs Elysees and arc de triomphe.

18 December 2018

On my way back from Versailles, I stopped at a store and bought a bottle of red superior Bordeaux wine. I relaxed in the hostel drinking wine at night.
The second day I woke up at 9am. I had breakfast at the hostel and headed to see the Versailles palace. I took the subway from Gare du Nord. The transportation in Paris is not very organized, not reliable and definitely not tourist friendly. It took me two hours to actually get to the palace due to trains not being reliable. When I got to Versaille I stopped at a little creperie and got a crepe with white chocolate and a coffee to snack on while I wait in line to get in the palace. I waited around 30-45 minutes to get in. The first thing I did was to visit the gardens, the grand and petite Trianon and the canal. There are little trains which cost 8€ and take you around. They run between the stops every 20 minutes which I found perfect as I did not need more than 20 minutes at each stop. Last I walked through the palace and learned about its history.

17 December 2018

In the evening, I went to see a moulin rouge show! I was a bit skeptical about it as a lot of reviews say it’s overrated. I really enjoyed the show and thought it was worth it! The show had a little bit of everything: acrobatics, jugglers, girls dancing and singing topless. In my opinion, if you are in Paris you have to see it at least once.
I looked at the trip advisor reviews to see what the best time to visit is and I found out that is best to visit during sunset. Checked to see when was sunset in Paris that day and booked my ticket for 3:30pm (one hour before sunset).The view from the top was magical. I stayed there until it got dark to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower at night too! It was beautiful!
I booked most of my tickets for the monuments in Paris online. Based on reviews I read that is the best way to avoid some of the wait which I found to be true. I walked from my hostel to the louvre. It took me 30minutes. On the way, I stopped at little bakery and got a “brioche au chocolat” or sweet chocolate bread and a water. I arrived at the louvre at 9am and there were no lines at that time. I spent 4 hours at the louvre.
I arrived in Paris very late on Sunday night/early on Monday morning. I stayed at the St Christopher’s Inn by the Gare du Nord. The RER B line of the Parisian subway takes you directly from the Charles de Gaulle airport to the Gare du Nord. It takes around 45 minutes and the hostel is a 2 minute walk from the Gare du Nord. I had been traveling for 8 hrs so I was really hungry. I stopped at a kebab place next to the hostel to grab a bite. I checked in a few minutes after midnight. The hostel was really nice. I stayed in a room with 7 other females in a female dorm of two rooms and shared bathrooms.