United Kingdom · 1 Days · 2 Moments · November 2014

Vanessa's voyage in United Kingdom

3 November 2014

HEEEEY!! Came to London yesterday and started too find something too eat (fish and chips!!) and after we went on a museum called Victoria and Albert in South Kingstown. We went on "Horst" exhibition, Horst was a famous photographer and it was very interesting and fun too see everything That he done, but after a while my feet was so tired because of we have stand up since we landed in London.. So when the clock was about six we checked in to our apartment. ( We choose hotel or apartment but I thought it would be cozy to live in a apartmant) Now im going out and gonna see another museum, a design museum, gonna be so fun:)) Sorry for my english, write later /Kiss, Vanessa

2 November 2014