United States of America · 39 Days · 22 Moments · April 2017

Vanessa's Vision Trip to Rhode Island

25 May 2017

Home again safely! Thank you Lord Jesus.

24 May 2017

Saying goodbye to my wonderful friend Colleen at the Providence airport. It's been a fantastic trip.
My last lobster roll before I board my plane headed home. I sure will miss the North East coast.
Sipping a Del's frozen lemonade, a Rhode Island...brain freeze!
Beaver tail Cove. I love the ocean. I'm going to hate leaving.
150 year old church in Jamestown, RI

23 May 2017

Our last supper with the Vision Team.
Lunch with Pastor Riley Prather, Green Valley Crossing
Pastor David Rodriguez at Iglesias De La Cominidad
Great visit this morning with Pastor Josh George at Quinebaug River Church.

22 May 2017

Our visit with Refuge Church with pastor Kyle DeGagne his wife Mandy and church leaders in Warren, RI.
Pastor Phil Smith at Lighthouse church in East Providence.
Hot wiener and coffee milk at Olneyville New York System.
John Ames and Jermacia at West End Church.
The first Baptist church in New England started by Roger Williams in 1638, Providence Rhode Island...."a city on a hill".
Our Vision Trip group. Heading out this morning.

21 May 2017

Homemade biscotti complements of Ms.Dolly, Colleen's 99 year old mama...still living at home and still baking.
Aunt Carrie's clam cakes with clam chowder! Yum
My first lobster roll at Gregg's. Wish I had taken a picture!
Frenchtown Baptist Church.
Praising God for an uneventful flight last night. Heading out to breakfast then onto Frenchtown Baptist Church for worship. Please pray for this congregation an their pastor, Randall Curtis.

16 April 2017

Joel Sedam Pastor and Church Planter with his family from Mt. Hope church in Bristol, Rhode Island. We visited in their home on Monday, May 22.