Canada · 4 Days · 9 Moments · September 2015

Richmond, BC (9/5/15 - 9/6/15)

8 September 2015

Before heading back to Seattle, stopped at yaohan and kam do bakery to buy pastries to take back home! Ah... I never seem to buy enough. All them pastries disappear so fast!
Every time we go to Richmond, must go to Tim hortons!!
Went to the international summer night market. It's a lot smaller than the Richmond lolliducks night market, but there are less people, so that means less lines!!! And there aren't so many redundant food stands. The games section was practically dead though...
Found this cute place at pier 73 to relax!! It doesn't have the best view, but it's got a fire pit all to myself! Sipping on hot chocolate and catching up on girl talk. Ah... Lovin' it!

6 September 2015

Love bubble queen!! Ordered their dates and chrysanthemum ginger tea and their matcha mochi bubble waffle. YUMMY!!!
Went shopping at Aberdeen mall. Love the daiso there!!! It's way bigger and with more selections than the largest daiso in Redmond, WA!!! I love these Calbi chips!! Every time I go to Richmond, I have to buy 10 bags.
A friend recommended this place called Lido restaurant for hk style breakfast. Their pineapple butter buns and egg tarts are fresh and famous!! They serve super big portions at cheap prices!! I'm hooked for sure!

5 September 2015

Tried out this place called flying beaver bar and grill, as recommended on wiki travel. This place is pretty nice. You can catch a ride on a hydroplane or sit and dine and watch the planes take off and land. Their poutine is a bit on the salty side, but addictive!! Got their blackstone benny as well. Tasty!! And their peach cider was delicious!!
The wait at the Canadian border was 1.5 hrs!! Saw this interesting car there. It's got eyes on you!