North America, Europe · 36 Days · 26 Moments · July 2017

Our European trip, August 2017

2 September 2017

Not a dreamπŸ˜„!

17 August 2017

Viitorul Constanta vs Red Bulls Salzburg, 1-3, in Europa League. Hagi wasn't very happy after the game πŸ™!

9 August 2017

Conacul Branescu - Bran, Brasov County. Beautiful place in the Carpathian Mountains such a haven for the wildlife. The locals are as friendly as they come. From laid back villagers happy to welcome you into their homes to sample homemade cheese, to smiley shepherds. Away from the main drags, a truly local experience.

8 August 2017

WOW! Transfagarasan, a spectacular route connects Transilvania to Muntenia, 92 km long reaches an altitude of 2100 meters. Spectacular!

6 August 2017

The "Wonder City" or "Nordic Venice", Stockholm is a welcoming place that has high standards for everything from food and shopping to culture and entertainment. We really love it.

5 August 2017

On our way to Stockholm after a broken train abandoned us an hour after we left Oslo in an unheard of town. The economy of that town sky rocketed due to sales increases in food and liquor. A new train picked us up after 4 hours of waiting. 😫

4 August 2017

Rain, rain and more rain!
When we started our lunch on a nice patio from a marina restaurant it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, however a few minutes later the rain returned, "what a surprise"!β˜”οΈπŸ˜ƒ
Few nice pics in a boring Oslo city!

3 August 2017

Oslo, Norway
Great educational day in Edinburgh!πŸ˜„

1 August 2017

The Lake District is a must see!
Mourinho wasn't there!πŸ˜„

31 July 2017

Chasing Mourinho, great dinner at Sam's, not enough beers and a mute"conversation " with Hear Lowry!😜
It looks like the kids had to much of Cotswold and need more excitement. We had to skip the Lake District and followed the soccer path, Liverpool and Manchester!

30 July 2017

Getting thirsty!
I didn't know it rains in England! πŸ˜„
Gloucester! Fashion, Food and Film festival!

28 July 2017

Just left Calgary and here we are in Cotswold! Gorgeous, forget the jet leg!