Netherlands · 1 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

Valentina's voyage in Netherlands

17 October 2017

The city of sins. Also know as the city of sins, Amsterdam is famous for drugs and prostitution. The Dutch government permits everybody 18+ to use drugs as marijuana for either medical and personal use. You would find "coffee shops" in every corner where you can buy everything with THC from joints to space cakes. Prostitution is another big business of the city. The Red light district is home of thousands of sex shops and "red rooms" right on the streets. Millions of tourist are attracted by these permissions and probably makes Amsterdam one of the hot spots for tourism.
Fastest way to get through the city? Get on a bike! Extremely flat ground allows everybody to move around with bikes. Someone told me every Dutchy owns at least three bikes. Crazy right? Probably because there are so many and it is really easy to forget it somewhere! And remember. It keeps you fit and healthy
Amsterdam is the magical city of canals, capital of the Netherlands. The vibe surrounding this dutch beauty is incredible. Only down side is the weather. Regardless you are traveling during the summer, fall and winter are pretty rough due to the wind coming from the north. Keep in mind to bring with you extra layers and probably an umbrella. Sun likes to hit as much as the rain.