Denmark, Sweden, Norway · 12 Days · 17 Moments · July 2016

Vala's reise til Fionia-Cup, Fyn

17 July 2016

Last picture from the trip; drive - by selfie 😏😏
Gudvangen! A place with mountains on both sides, and water in front. Beautiful! Right now it is a viking happening going on at the place :)
First stop at Hallingporten, and the dogs got to strech their legs and eat some blueberries!
A friend of Line took us in for the night, really nice - and we didn't have to sleep in the car again :p

16 July 2016

And then, the vacation at Fionia-Cup was over, and we headed home again. From Denmark and through Sweden because the ferry was fully booked :p

14 July 2016

During the week both dogs could relax 😏

11 July 2016

2. day of competition and after I needed to see something else then agility ;) So the dogs and I took a walk to the city center. So many beautiful buildings! It is really a nice and quiet place, but I hope we get more sun and less wind and rain the next days :)

10 July 2016

First day of the competition and we woke up to a lot of rain! Really.... And right now, 11 pm it is back again now with thunder and lightning in Addition.... Wonder if the campsite and the tent will survive this if it continues :p But nevertheless, we did compete and I am really happy about todays runs :) we also found a Diesel lookalike!

9 July 2016

Saturday in the tent, calm really calm...

8 July 2016

Finally we were allowed to put up the tent! And luckily we got it up before the rain came :)

7 July 2016

Finally at the competition site at Midtfyn Fritidssenter pΓ₯ Fyn! Line and I have checked out the grounds for camping, and where to walk the dogs. We are now looking forward to yet a night in the car, "sleeping" while sitting.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can reveal that some whining can be heard 😜 I guess we are going to love the tent and the beds tomorrow! And probably the dogs agree also....
Aaaaah, danish fields.....
Drive by photos through Denmark :)
Ooops! Stopped by Germany for some taxefree shopping :)

6 July 2016

Some more photos while driving by nature on our way to Kristiansand and the ferry to Denmark :)
According to Google maps this Norwegian waterfall is called "LΓ₯tefossen", I have no idea if this is correct - but it was worth the picture :)
Then we are off! Five dogs, and two ladies! Looking forward to exciting agility competition in Fionia-Cup, which are taking place at the island of Fyn, Denmark :)