North America, Europe · 9 Days · 38 Moments · June 2017

Valarie's journi to Ireland and Scotland 2017

23 June 2017

Nothing but the finest in our accommodations!! Lol
Nessie and my Heilan' Coo are wondering, where's their Walker's Tomato Ketchup Crisps? Dinna ye think to share?

22 June 2017

Carrot & coriander soup at Urquart Castle

20 June 2017

# 6 charlotte sq. Nikola sturgeon's residence
Ian Fleming's school, inspiration for hogwarts

19 June 2017

On board Stena Line ferry across the Irish Sea. :)
Stena Line Terminal, Belfast, N Ireland. About to board the ferry across the Irish Sea to Scotland!

18 June 2017

To all the crisps I've loved before....
Dinner at the Morning Star in Belfast - bangers and Mash... not impressive
Lifeboats (they WOULD have worked full)
Titanic staterooms
Titanic Exhibit ride. What it was like building the ship.
Tired at the Titanic! Blood sugar issues.
Titanic Exhibit at Harland and Wolff shipyards, Belfast

17 June 2017

The Czech Inn, Essex St., Dublin
Butler's Chocolate Cafe, Liffey Street, Dublin
Church where st valentine relics are
Most photographed (Edwardian) door in (Georgian Architecture) Dublin.
Get pic of Oscar Wilde statue in park across the street from his house.
House where Oscar Wilde grew up
Having a berry scone and hazelnut latte at O'Brien's. :)
Lunch at O'Briens on Nassau Street
We found classic Coke, with sugar! Trinity college.
At Trinity College. :)
Trinity College, Dublin. Going to see the Book of Kells. Heat wave today! 75 degrees lol
Delicious sandwiches for lunch - great prices - drank kombucha by mistake ewww sour

16 June 2017

Daniel O'Connell monument Union Jack first flown in Dublin 1800 O'Connell campaigned for Irish Catholics to be represented in parliament
St Stephens grew
Shelburne Hotwl. Georgian
Finally landed in Dublin... stuck on the tarmac waiting to get to terminal. I have to pee!! Miserably uncomfortable flight.
We aren't the only ones being tormented by United.

15 June 2017

Arrival at Newark after many delays at Nashville Airport. Delayed again. Now till 1 am "maybe" and getting to Dublin 3 hours late. Very unhappy. Something about a motor that had to be replaced. We were delayed getting here because of bad weather in Newark. They grounded our flight at destination. For HOURS. We've been sitting here for hours, Allen took his Zzzquil too soon and now he's spacey. Lol Pilots trying to keep us informed and cheerful but this is starting to be such a disappointing start. United isn't doing ANYTHING to make us more comfortable.
New York City skyline from the plane.
Allen at Nashville before the delays started.